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All Hats – All The Time

Here I am still making hats!! I just love knitting with this yarn. It changes so much it’s like knitting something new!

See my most recent one! This one is for me – but it is being modeled by my daughter “Lulu. It is very light, warm, and the cashmere makes it very soft – I love it. I wished I looked as nice in a hat as “Lulu does (have you ever noticed that some people – just have hat heads – I don’t mean the hat head your hair gets – but these people just look awesome in hats.)

This week I also started Cardigan for Arwen from Interweave Knits.  I am doing this sweater out of the yarn called for – Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran. I love this yarn! This is probably the most money I have ever spent on yarn (at one time that is)! I have rationalized it though because I had a gift certificate. Of course I didn’t mention it to my husband that I went over the gift certificate – by quite a bit.

In other fibre news – I bought some roving from Knitterly Things.  It is a merino/tencel blend and is the most beautiful color. I plan on spinning this and knitting the Forest Canopy Shawl.  I have three weddings this summer and will hopefully be able to wear the shawl then. We’ll see – I may be setting myself up for a disappointment.

Next I am going to wind some of our hat yarn into camouflage colours so Kim can knit her hubby a hat. And I will wind some girl colours and try to make a beret. Yep that’s me all hats all the time!



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I Will Survive…

Well I survived another run! I’m moving up in the world – tonight the group started – Walk 4 mins. – Run 4 mins. – Walk 4 mins. – Run 4 mins. – Walk 4 mins. – I thought running 3 mins. was bad – I was wrong – running 4 mins is even worse! lol

I just finished posting our recent auctions on Ebay ! – PinkLight Sage GreenBurgandySilver – We have some really nice yarns this week – Way to go Sisters!! lol…and way to go to Karen on the hats she’s been churning out at a rapid pace – the latest one is awesome!(see her most recent post)

As for what’s on my needles – errrr not much lol – I’m still plugging away at my Debbie Bliss Sweater – which should be done sometime this week and I’m still working on my log cabin blanket (pic this week I promise!) and I’m making a bib (see picture below). I am going to be starting a new project probably this weekend – I’m going to keep it a secret til I get it on the needles! Kris and I are headed to Karen’s house this Saturday for lunch and knitting! Karen is going to get us making mittens (remember me and Kris are beginner knitters!) – the reason for the mittens is to get us ready for socks! I personally have always, forever and ever have wanted to be a sock knitter – but for some reason I’m missing the part of the brain that allows to you to comprehend a sock pattern – but good ole Karen is going to try again – now Kris has never tried so my luck she’ll pick it right up and start belting out socks left and right!!

time for bed!!!…


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The Joy of a Two Baller !!

This morning I thought I would ball wind the two sweaters that I want to list this weekend. So I got the baby all settled with Dora and got the ball winder out to get started. I chose the one I thought would be the easiest and quickest to do first which was a cashmere/silk mix that should have gone straight from the sweater to the ball winder. First lesson in being a sweater recycler – Never and I mean NEVER assume anything. Look at this…..dsc02312.jpg

Now for those of you who are saying “What is it” I’ll tell ya. The sweater that should have taken maybe 30 minutes turned out to be a 2 baller. Two separate balls of yarn to rip. Not enjoyable in the least. But I am up for the challenge because it is a really gorgeous colour. Kim and I agree that it’s a denim blue. Anyway, it will take some doing but I should have it done for Sunday. (I hope!!) The other sweater took no time at all. I mean I did rip it first then ball wind it. We find it’s better to do it this way with thicker sweaters as to get rid of some of the fluff. But the yarn is just gorgeous. It’s a cashmere mixed with some other fibres – not quite sure as the labels are upstairs – and the colour is so rich. We think it is either a port or maybe a merlot. Does that make sense or is that just Kim longing to have a glass of wine? Either or I would say. Ha Ha. But really its a gorgeous colour, actually both are. I took this picture but it turned out a little dark.


On a healthy note, Kim and I finally went running last night. I actually enjoyed it. REALLY. No kidding. I confess, since the temperature was only 9 degrees last night I did try to think up some good excuses not to go but once I was out there is was fine. We walked for 4 minutes (4 minutes is a really short amount of time) then ran 3 minutes (3 minutes is a really long amount of time). We did this twice and then went back home. We are going again tomorrow night. At night so the neighbours don’t see me. HA HA. Sad but true.

Tonight I am taking the kids to Karen’s. Thanks for having us Karen as I know this was suppose to be a free night for you because Danielle has a sleepover at her friend’s. My little guy just loves going to Karen’s. I don’t know if its Nick’s old cars or the lure of playing hands in your pockets with Bear the Goldie Poo that he loves but whenever we get in the van and head that way all we hear is “Keke’s house”. I am looking forward to the visit as I was invited to look in Karen’s stash and maybe take something. Yahoo!!!

Just don’t tell my husband!!


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I was reading the blogs like I do everyday after I put the baby down for his nap and look what I found on Scout’s blog……………it’s called the Calorimetry and I LOVE IT!!!! So I did what I always do when I find something spectacular – I called the sisters. Karen was out for lunch so I left a message – come on it’s knitting, work can definitely be interrupted for that, right? – and Kim, who sounds like she is on her deathbed, had to agree with me – it is freaking awesome!!!! We already went on Elann to see what yarn we want to do it in but we really need to talk to Karen first – can’t leave anyone out!

I wish I had one knitted for tonight as Kim is making me – I mean is going with me – running and it is so cooooold. I guess since she is on her deathbed and all, I can grant her this one dying wish.

What are sisters for? 🙂


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I Went Running Last Night….

and I survived!!! I ended up joining a “Learn to Run” Group and last night was the first night…it was Meet and Greet first then off we went for our run…the routine this week is Walk 4 mins. Run 3 mins. Walk 4 mins. Run 3 mins. Walk 4 mins…Never in my life would I have thought that running for three minutes would be so hard!  I’m sure it didn’t help that I wen there with a 100 degree fever (battling strep throat right now)!! lol….Kris you’re still joining Monday night right???

Yes, I’m ripping too…I’m getting ready a grey cashmere sweater set for listing on Sunday.  I put our new auctions up last night check them out – 100% Cashmere – EggplantSilk Cashmere Blend – Antique White100% Silk – Gold

Tonight, I’m taking a hot bath, putting on the good ole flannel jammies and settling down for some American Idol and finishing the trim on my Bliss sweater…here’s some of my progress on it so far…

have a good night all…..let’s keep poor Karen in mind though, right now she’s sitting in a freezing cold hockey arena lol…


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Let’s get ripping!!!!

Well the ebay auctions ended last night and you know what that means. We have to start ripping. We like to frog one sweater each at least per week. I think I am going to do the blue silk and cashmere blend that I have. It should be an easy one to unravel and who knows maybe I will go crazy and do two this week. Note to Karen and Kim – don’t hold me to that I said maybe.

I am taking a break from my Debbie Bliss sweater and Log Cabin to make up a Mason Dixon bib. No, I don’t know anyone expecting but Karen and I went to Jo-Ann’s in the States and I could not wait to see the yarn I bought there knitted into a bib. I will put it away though as we have two weddings coming up – one for my brother and one for Kim’s son – and I will guess that new bambinos will be soon to follow.

Before I go and maybe clean (or take a nap!!!) I just wanted to thank Jacqui for the nice comment she left us. It was our first one!!!!! Thanks again Jacqui and thanks for including us on your blogroll.

Have a great day everyone!


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Finally!…My Intro..

Okay, okay. I guess it’s my turn. My name is Karen and I am the oldest
sister (how come this is not as prestigious sounding as it it was when we
were younger?). I am married to Richard and we have two children – Nick &
Danielle. I work full-time in an office – where I spend much of my time
reading knitting blogs and wishing I was knitting.

I have been knitting for several years now and I am also a spinner. I am
known in my knitting/spinning group for rarely finishing projects (eg. I am
the queen of 1 mitt, 1 sock, 1 sleeve etc.) I don’t think that this is
entirely fair – although it is true there are quite a few projects that I
don’t fininsh – I do finish quite a few other things. My goal this year is
to keep a record of what I do finish so that maybe I can make them see that
it’s not as bad as it looks.

I am currently working on projects using some special yarn that my sisters
and I make up. Although I have what seems like 100 things started and at
least that many I want to make – I have been making hats out of this yarn.
Now this seems strange to even me – one hat maybe – but hat after hat? You
see – I do not do well making the same thing (remember the one sock one mitt
thing). I think maybe though it is the yarn that keeps it interesting. As
I know my sisters have mentioned – we recycle yarn from thrift-store
sweaters. Well – since we started this I have been saving the tiny balls
you sometimes get when frogging a sweater – these are tiny balls no bigger
than a strawberry that are too tiny too include with the yarn from the
sweater. Well around New Year’s I decided to do something with these little
balls – they were starting to be a bit of a nuisance – they were in quite a
few spots in the house – vases, drawers, bowls, etc – so we made them into
usable yarn. What we did was to make 4 tennis size balls out of all these
little balls, tying new colours on as we went along, leaving long enough
tails that we could just knit them into whatever we were knitting. Then we
took the 4 balls and made one 4 ply ball – this gave us about a sport
weight. My sisters and I then each made a scarf – I think Kim posted a
picture of hers earlier. I then made a garter stitch shawl (which I am just
about finished and will post a picture of). Now I am onto the hats (see a
picture of my great-niece – for this blog we’re calling her “Rowan Bliss” lol – combining two of our favourite yarns! – in hers). I was worried that the ties
would present a problem (I hate ends) – but because each ply of this yarn is
quite thin, I just knit the ties right in and you don’t even notice them.
Each hat seems new and fun to knit because the yarn is always different –
which is probably why I am able to make more than just one!

I have a few baby gifts to get knitted so I probably won’t do to many more
hats for a while – hey maybe I’ll knit baby hats. This is very possible
because the yarn is so soft and light – the majority of it is cashmere. Hmm
I might must do this. I better get rolling those little balls!

Anyways that’s all for now.


P.S. – Don’t believe everything you read – I had the most fun at the party
– I’m the one that had the big chunky (she doesn’t like to be called fat)
bulldog wedging me into the side of the couch – and everytime I dropped one
of my balls of yarn she got it and I had to dig it out of her mouth – yeah
I think I had the most fun!

Rowan Bliss in the shrug Kim made her!

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What do you mean?

I really thought the party was awesome. Who doesn’t like to be told every story that is in the news – whether we have heard it or not. Who doesn’t like to have their own personal T.V show picker outer. I know I do.

And as for the Dory – I love a dog breathing in my face and staring me down because I am in her seat –  and no I did no get up and let her have it.

Anyways, love the shrug and can’t wait to see H in it. Maybe Kim can be a little quicker with the pictures – don’t ask about Halloween 2005, long story !!!!


P.S Kim, loved the chips and dip!!!!

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It’s My Party I’ll Cry If I Want To!

Well it was party time tonight at my house – me, Kris and Karen have been trying lately to get together every two weeks just for knitting time! Well it was my turn tonight to host the party – what a dud! I’m sure Kris will be getting up bright and early so she can tell you all about it – but I have beat her to it!!

Whenever someone comes over to visit ME my hubby, Ken, thinks that they are there solely for him – the man cannot take a hint and SCRAM!! lol – he sits there and talks and talks – all I can do is just shake my head – Sisters – he will never change!!! The other problem was her…

Dory, the English Bulldog – she is quite set in her ways – and one of her ‘ways’ is to sleep on the couch, well needless to say this is where the sisters were sitting! Sorry Karen and Kris! But I did serve Chips & Dip! My hostess skills aren’t TOTALLY lacking!

But on a happier note, during our knit-a-thon tonight I finished a sleeve of my Debbie Bliss sweater! So I only have one more sleeve and the lace trim to do.

– and my sister Karen brought me my shrug that I made for my granddaughter. Karen had it because she sewed it up for me – I’ve never really put anything together before – but I do believe I won’t be getting away with giving it to Karen for much longer! lol – I made the grandbaby the Hug Me Shrug – I used Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK for the yarn – I also made the sleeves longer, I didn’t really care for the 3/4 sleeves it called for – and my ruffle around the wrists is a bit longer. My granddaughter is coming tomorrow to spend the day with me so I will take some pics of her IN the shrug but here are some pics for now, it was my first attempt at such an intricate stitch before and I must say I’m proud!

take care


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It’s great to have OPTIONS!!

For Christmas I got the Options set from Knit Picks. I received these from my husband, who had a little help from my sister. I had one pair of their size 6 needles, that I bought for my Log Cabin blanket in September. I really loved them and had been hinting to my husband how much I wanted the whole set. Needless to say I was one happy camper on Christmas morning.

My sister Karen got me the pattern for the My Little Companion Bag as well as the yarn but I really need to finish some of my other projects first before I start. She also made me a beautiful felted basket and a gorgeous bag made out of recycled sweaters and then also felted. My sister Kim got me my first skein of sock yarn from Socks that Rock in the Dutch Canyon colour way. I don’t think I am talented enought to make socks yet but I really enjoy just looking at it. Does that sound weird? Anyways, she also got me some Debbie Bliss Cotton Angora to make my daughter a sweater. The colour is just beautiful. I really think I will be busy for the next little while. But I will be happy!!!!


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