Sisters, Knitters, Sweater Recyclers

Here we are!!!

Welcome everyone!

This is the start of a new endeavor for my two sisters and I. We are wives, mothers, knitters and sweater recyclers.

The name of our blog, as you already know, is unKnitted. What does it mean you may be asking yourself? Well, it refers to the “frogging” of a sweater, which has to do with sweater recycling. We hunt the thrift stores, mostly in the States, and buy sweaters mostly made of high quality fibers. We rush home with our treasures, carefully wash and then unravel them. We wind the yarn into center pull balls and then we are ready to sell them on Ebay. It is a really good way to buy expensive yarns at a fraction of the cost. We are not getting rich by any means but we do earn enough money to have a girls only, shopping and knitting weekend twice a year. And frankly, who doesn’t need that every now and then!!

My two sisters, Karen and Kim, will be posting their intros soon. So for now here is a little something about me.

My name is Kris. I am 36 and the youngest of the three sisters. (We also have one younger brother, Joe, but I really don’t think he will be posting on this blog. Not only is he not a knitter or a sweater recycler, most of the time he really doesn’t want anything to do with us!!!) Anyways, I have been married for 12 years. I work part time, and I mean really part time – 2 mornings – 7 hours a week total, at a business my husband co-owns. We have three children, a 10 year old daughter and two sons, 9 and 2. They keep us hopping.

I have only been knitting since July of last year. My older sister had taught me in the fall of 2004 but it wasn’t really something I thought I was interested in at that time. Fool!!! New baby, two older kids, major postpartum – go figure! So Karen retaught me in July and to tell you the truth I got really mad at myself. I couldn’t believe I let myself waste 36 years of really, really good knitting time. How Stupid!!! Ha Ha. I am no where near the expert knitters my sisters are but I am plugging along and really enjoying it. Okay, who am I fooling…..I am LOVING it!! I have made a few things so far and they haven’t turned out half bad. That’s my opinion anyways. The hat I made is probably the exception to that. My husband, who never misses an opportunity to make fun of me, tried said hat on and lets just say he looked like Dumb Donald from Fat Albert!!! Seriously, totally not joking!!!!

Things I have made in 2006:

Booga bag ( I would really like to make another, as I really thing I shrunk it too much)

Bibs – from Mason Dixon of course!

Cell phone sock

2 Bohemian Loopy scarves – Super easy and really nice!!

And of course, what knitter has not made the Mason Dixon Warshrags. I have maybe ten made and enough cotton to make ALOT more!! You really can never have enough.

Now, for works in progress and future projects I have many but I will bore you with that another time!!

I am really looking forward to working on this blog with my sisters. We are very close and we should have a lot of fun blogging together.


Kris 🙂

P.S Hello Karen and Kim – it’ s your turns now!!! Let’s blog……and remember lets be nice to each other!!! No making each other cry – I think we know who that is intended for. Right Kim!!! Ha Ha


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