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My Turn

Hi Everyone!!

I’ll get right to my introduction – I’m Kim – the middle sister – I’m 39 yrs old, married mother of two boys and grandmother of a 3 yr. old granddaughter! I work in a nursing home as a nurses’ aide.

I’ve been knitting for a few years but only more steadily in the past 1/2 year – and i’m loving every minute of it! I’m currently working on a Debbie Bliss pattern and i’ve included a pic of the WIP (work in progress!) at the bottom of this post. I’m also working on a log cabin blanket inspired by the Mason Dixon book – i’ll post some pics of that project later on in some other post.

As my sister Kris said earlier we are also sweater recyclers – actually i’ve just finished posting some of our recycled yarn on Ebay – check them out – Jet Black CashmereWool Mohair BoucleLilac Cashmere #1Lilac Cashmere #2Tweedy Grey Cashmere – what a great way to use luxury fibers at a fraction of the cost of new – check out the scarf (modelled by my son Max, 14 yrs, and very shy! lol at the end of this post) I knit it up using remnants from sweaters we previously ‘frogged’. It is so soft and not to mention one-of-a kind! We soon will be debuting a secret project that I will let my big sister, Karen, introduce!! You can thank me later Keke (as she is known to all the kids in our family lol).

Oh by the way Kris you forgot to mention another endeavor that you and I are starting on – Kris and I are starting to run! Our goal is to be able to run 5 km without stopping by the end of March – Karen you may be a solo act around here as running could be the end of me and Kris! lol…

anyway, I’m outta here! hope you enjoy our stopping by here and checking out what we have to say and what we are working on!


Baby Cardigan



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