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It’s My Party I’ll Cry If I Want To!

Well it was party time tonight at my house – me, Kris and Karen have been trying lately to get together every two weeks just for knitting time! Well it was my turn tonight to host the party – what a dud! I’m sure Kris will be getting up bright and early so she can tell you all about it – but I have beat her to it!!

Whenever someone comes over to visit ME my hubby, Ken, thinks that they are there solely for him – the man cannot take a hint and SCRAM!! lol – he sits there and talks and talks – all I can do is just shake my head – Sisters – he will never change!!! The other problem was her…

Dory, the English Bulldog – she is quite set in her ways – and one of her ‘ways’ is to sleep on the couch, well needless to say this is where the sisters were sitting! Sorry Karen and Kris! But I did serve Chips & Dip! My hostess skills aren’t TOTALLY lacking!

But on a happier note, during our knit-a-thon tonight I finished a sleeve of my Debbie Bliss sweater! So I only have one more sleeve and the lace trim to do.

– and my sister Karen brought me my shrug that I made for my granddaughter. Karen had it because she sewed it up for me – I’ve never really put anything together before – but I do believe I won’t be getting away with giving it to Karen for much longer! lol – I made the grandbaby the Hug Me Shrug – I used Debbie Bliss Cashmerino DK for the yarn – I also made the sleeves longer, I didn’t really care for the 3/4 sleeves it called for – and my ruffle around the wrists is a bit longer. My granddaughter is coming tomorrow to spend the day with me so I will take some pics of her IN the shrug but here are some pics for now, it was my first attempt at such an intricate stitch before and I must say I’m proud!

take care



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