Sisters, Knitters, Sweater Recyclers

Finally!…My Intro..

Okay, okay. I guess it’s my turn. My name is Karen and I am the oldest
sister (how come this is not as prestigious sounding as it it was when we
were younger?). I am married to Richard and we have two children – Nick &
Danielle. I work full-time in an office – where I spend much of my time
reading knitting blogs and wishing I was knitting.

I have been knitting for several years now and I am also a spinner. I am
known in my knitting/spinning group for rarely finishing projects (eg. I am
the queen of 1 mitt, 1 sock, 1 sleeve etc.) I don’t think that this is
entirely fair – although it is true there are quite a few projects that I
don’t fininsh – I do finish quite a few other things. My goal this year is
to keep a record of what I do finish so that maybe I can make them see that
it’s not as bad as it looks.

I am currently working on projects using some special yarn that my sisters
and I make up. Although I have what seems like 100 things started and at
least that many I want to make – I have been making hats out of this yarn.
Now this seems strange to even me – one hat maybe – but hat after hat? You
see – I do not do well making the same thing (remember the one sock one mitt
thing). I think maybe though it is the yarn that keeps it interesting. As
I know my sisters have mentioned – we recycle yarn from thrift-store
sweaters. Well – since we started this I have been saving the tiny balls
you sometimes get when frogging a sweater – these are tiny balls no bigger
than a strawberry that are too tiny too include with the yarn from the
sweater. Well around New Year’s I decided to do something with these little
balls – they were starting to be a bit of a nuisance – they were in quite a
few spots in the house – vases, drawers, bowls, etc – so we made them into
usable yarn. What we did was to make 4 tennis size balls out of all these
little balls, tying new colours on as we went along, leaving long enough
tails that we could just knit them into whatever we were knitting. Then we
took the 4 balls and made one 4 ply ball – this gave us about a sport
weight. My sisters and I then each made a scarf – I think Kim posted a
picture of hers earlier. I then made a garter stitch shawl (which I am just
about finished and will post a picture of). Now I am onto the hats (see a
picture of my great-niece – for this blog we’re calling her “Rowan Bliss” lol – combining two of our favourite yarns! – in hers). I was worried that the ties
would present a problem (I hate ends) – but because each ply of this yarn is
quite thin, I just knit the ties right in and you don’t even notice them.
Each hat seems new and fun to knit because the yarn is always different –
which is probably why I am able to make more than just one!

I have a few baby gifts to get knitted so I probably won’t do to many more
hats for a while – hey maybe I’ll knit baby hats. This is very possible
because the yarn is so soft and light – the majority of it is cashmere. Hmm
I might must do this. I better get rolling those little balls!

Anyways that’s all for now.


P.S. – Don’t believe everything you read – I had the most fun at the party
– I’m the one that had the big chunky (she doesn’t like to be called fat)
bulldog wedging me into the side of the couch – and everytime I dropped one
of my balls of yarn she got it and I had to dig it out of her mouth – yeah
I think I had the most fun!

Rowan Bliss in the shrug Kim made her!


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