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I Went Running Last Night….

and I survived!!! I ended up joining a “Learn to Run” Group and last night was the first night…it was Meet and Greet first then off we went for our run…the routine this week is Walk 4 mins. Run 3 mins. Walk 4 mins. Run 3 mins. Walk 4 mins…Never in my life would I have thought that running for three minutes would be so hard!  I’m sure it didn’t help that I wen there with a 100 degree fever (battling strep throat right now)!! lol….Kris you’re still joining Monday night right???

Yes, I’m ripping too…I’m getting ready a grey cashmere sweater set for listing on Sunday.  I put our new auctions up last night check them out – 100% Cashmere – EggplantSilk Cashmere Blend – Antique White100% Silk – Gold

Tonight, I’m taking a hot bath, putting on the good ole flannel jammies and settling down for some American Idol and finishing the trim on my Bliss sweater…here’s some of my progress on it so far…

have a good night all…..let’s keep poor Karen in mind though, right now she’s sitting in a freezing cold hockey arena lol…



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