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The Joy of a Two Baller !!

This morning I thought I would ball wind the two sweaters that I want to list this weekend. So I got the baby all settled with Dora and got the ball winder out to get started. I chose the one I thought would be the easiest and quickest to do first which was a cashmere/silk mix that should have gone straight from the sweater to the ball winder. First lesson in being a sweater recycler – Never and I mean NEVER assume anything. Look at this…..dsc02312.jpg

Now for those of you who are saying “What is it” I’ll tell ya. The sweater that should have taken maybe 30 minutes turned out to be a 2 baller. Two separate balls of yarn to rip. Not enjoyable in the least. But I am up for the challenge because it is a really gorgeous colour. Kim and I agree that it’s a denim blue. Anyway, it will take some doing but I should have it done for Sunday. (I hope!!) The other sweater took no time at all. I mean I did rip it first then ball wind it. We find it’s better to do it this way with thicker sweaters as to get rid of some of the fluff. But the yarn is just gorgeous. It’s a cashmere mixed with some other fibres – not quite sure as the labels are upstairs – and the colour is so rich. We think it is either a port or maybe a merlot. Does that make sense or is that just Kim longing to have a glass of wine? Either or I would say. Ha Ha. But really its a gorgeous colour, actually both are. I took this picture but it turned out a little dark.


On a healthy note, Kim and I finally went running last night. I actually enjoyed it. REALLY. No kidding. I confess, since the temperature was only 9 degrees last night I did try to think up some good excuses not to go but once I was out there is was fine. We walked for 4 minutes (4 minutes is a really short amount of time) then ran 3 minutes (3 minutes is a really long amount of time). We did this twice and then went back home. We are going again tomorrow night. At night so the neighbours don’t see me. HA HA. Sad but true.

Tonight I am taking the kids to Karen’s. Thanks for having us Karen as I know this was suppose to be a free night for you because Danielle has a sleepover at her friend’s. My little guy just loves going to Karen’s. I don’t know if its Nick’s old cars or the lure of playing hands in your pockets with Bear the Goldie Poo that he loves but whenever we get in the van and head that way all we hear is “Keke’s house”. I am looking forward to the visit as I was invited to look in Karen’s stash and maybe take something. Yahoo!!!

Just don’t tell my husband!!



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