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I Will Survive…

Well I survived another run! I’m moving up in the world – tonight the group started – Walk 4 mins. – Run 4 mins. – Walk 4 mins. – Run 4 mins. – Walk 4 mins. – I thought running 3 mins. was bad – I was wrong – running 4 mins is even worse! lol

I just finished posting our recent auctions on Ebay ! – PinkLight Sage GreenBurgandySilver – We have some really nice yarns this week – Way to go Sisters!! lol…and way to go to Karen on the hats she’s been churning out at a rapid pace – the latest one is awesome!(see her most recent post)

As for what’s on my needles – errrr not much lol – I’m still plugging away at my Debbie Bliss Sweater – which should be done sometime this week and I’m still working on my log cabin blanket (pic this week I promise!) and I’m making a bib (see picture below). I am going to be starting a new project probably this weekend – I’m going to keep it a secret til I get it on the needles! Kris and I are headed to Karen’s house this Saturday for lunch and knitting! Karen is going to get us making mittens (remember me and Kris are beginner knitters!) – the reason for the mittens is to get us ready for socks! I personally have always, forever and ever have wanted to be a sock knitter – but for some reason I’m missing the part of the brain that allows to you to comprehend a sock pattern – but good ole Karen is going to try again – now Kris has never tried so my luck she’ll pick it right up and start belting out socks left and right!!

time for bed!!!…



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