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Weird Thing about Kim #5

Kim is back in town! So I want to get this posted before she calls me and I feel bad about doing it. lol!! NOT!!
The 5th weird thing about Kim is that she could go away for five days and leave her beloved sisters and not call us once since she left. What up Sista!!! Don’t you love us anymore??

Kris ;-(


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I Broke My Promise – Weird Kim #4


Well last night was my spinning night with my friends.  We take turns hosting it every other week.  Well this week was at my friend’s Paulette’s house (it just so happens she owns a yarn shoppe that is located in her home).  As much as I love it when it is at Paulette’s – my husband hates it – he knows the temptation I deal with there.  This week I absolutely promised that I would buy no yarn (it’s not like I need anything but . . .)  Well I’m sure you know the ending to this story – I just took a little peek in the shoppe – and came home with some lovely variegated superwash wool.  But I absolutely promise not to cast on another project until I finish a)  My EZ Baby Surprise  b)  Peapod Baby Set and c) 2 baby hats – I mean it I absolutely promise. 

Anyways onto to weird thing 4 about Kim

Kim can’t stand to have her toes touched – she can’t even stand it if you talk about touching her toes.  For instance if her granddaughter is playing Dr and I tell her “grandma has a bobo on her toe check it out” – Kim goes nuts – saying “no no” and leaves – so Havana can’t get near her toes.  Wow it’s looking like Kim really is weird.   We probably won’t have to talk about Kris or I – really we’re relatively normal.

That’s it for now – hopefully some FO pictures next time.


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Prototype Number 1 and Weird Thing #3 about Kim

I knew it wouldn’t take long……….and it didn’t. I had the whole bottom of my Petunia Tote complete and had picked up all the stitches – which by the way was no easy task – got the first row done when BAM………it occurred to this new knitter that something just was not up to snuff. I had purled a row on the bottom instead of knitting and it looked awful. Now I did consider just leaving it – especially after the heck I went thru trying to pick up all those stitches – but decided I will attempt it again. A wise man once said “If at first you don’t succeed blah blah blah” I was going to post a picture but mistake prototype number one had already been scooped up by my daughter as a Barbie blanket. My loss is Barbie’s gain I guess.

As for weird thing about Kim #3………..to be fair it is probably not really a weird thing just about her. So here goes:

After I had met my husband, we decided to set Kim and my husband’s brother up on a blind date. They hit it off and married in 1992. My husband and I got married in 1994. Yes……….that means we are two sisters married to two brothers. Now some people might be saying………..”ah I don’t think that is so weird” but here is the kicker, two of my husband’s sisters are married to……..you guessed it, two brothers. And not to be left out, Karen is married to a very good friend of all of the above. So, I guess this is not just really a weird thing about just Kim but really about all the people involved. But hey, you are never at a loss of someone you know at any family function. lol

Anyways from her post I see that Kim has been reading our blog. Funny that she can find the time to blog but Karen and I have yet to hear from her. hmmmmmm do you think she could be a tad upset with us about something, Karen??lol

Have a great night!!

Kris 😉

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It’s Great Being Missed…

Well here I am way up in Port Elgin missing my family etc etc…and to my surprise I log on to the computer here and my dear sisters are posting WEIRD things about me..????? lol…I’m not surprised….and Kris you think I’m always cold at home you should see here…..I haven’t seen this much snow in I don’t know how long…I’m doing fine up here, but it’s just classes, classes and more classes, plus I think I’ve gained 5 lbs. because all they do is feed you! (i’m in port elgin, for those who don’t know – at the CAW centre being trained in Health and Safety) – last night me and my co-worker headed off to Hanover for the SLOTS!! I won 40 bucks!!…at night I’m ripping sweaters and knitting, right now I’m ripping a gorgeous dark pink cashmere – it’s coming apart like butter. (can’t show a pic because I didn’t bring my camera with me)

Well back to class just had lunch…Keep missing me eh? and girls remember what paybacks are…


(p.s. – Karen – do you think BABY is missing me yet??? lol)

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My Next Project and Weird Thing about Kim #2

I got the new issue of Interweave Knits and I really like the Petunia Tote.


There are quite a few things in the magazine that I really like but this one looks like something I can probably knit as I am still a beginner. The pattern calls for Tahki Cotton Classic but when Karen was getting rid of some of her stash she had some recycled cotton that did not sell on Ebay so I am going to try that. It is a really gorgeous blue and will be great for spring or summer.

This is a 10 ply cotton that came from a sweater made by Wainscott. This will be my first time using recycled yarn and I am really excited to see the finished product. Which with the amount of times I rip apart the stuff I am knitting, I should have it done by the time I am about 50 years old……lol. I will post my progress as I go along.

Now on to the 2nd weird thing about Kim. Now just to let you all know that Karen and I are not being mean, the three of us decided before Kim left town that we would list weird things about each other instead of ourselves. Now the mean thing is that Kim didn’t know she would be going first or that we would be doing it while she was gone. It will be a little homecoming surprise for her on Friday. lol

Okay here goes….

Kim is always and I mean always cold. She wears a hat inside of her house while everyone else is trying to decide what piece of clothing to rip off next because they are so hot. Yep……..flannel jammies, blanket and hat. If she ever finishes the fingerless gloves that she was knitting I sure those would be on too. Now for the weird part. She is always freezing inside the house but when  she goes out all she wears is a hoodie……….no winter jacket. Maybe I am wrong but I think that is weird.

The three of us have signed up for Secret Pal 10 and we are all really excited for it to start. We will be listing our answers to the questionaire in the next couple of days.

Hope everyone had an awesome Pancake Tuesday!!

Kris 🙂

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Missing Kim : (

Well Kim is gone on her business trip and Kris and I are both feeling the pain.  I talk to her almost everyday for about an hour – about knitting,  knitting related stuff, and sometimes about sister Kris.  This week I may just have to talk to myself (I do talk to Kris also – but that is a different timeslot)  Kris talks to Kim everynight for about as long – probably about knitting, knitting related stuff and about me.

While Kim is away Kris and I thought we might write about the (6) weird things about Kim (all in fun of course).  I really hope we are able to stop at 6.  So I am going to start it –

Weird Thing About Kim #1

Kim calls her 14 year-old-son – Baby.  I don’t mean like, look at him he’s my Baby.  It’s more like Baby make sure you’re home on time, Baby what do you want for supper, etc.  Please bear in mind that he does have a real name – this is not his actual name.

(Actually maybe this is not a weird thing about Kim – maybe it is a weird thing about him – because he does answer to the name hmmmm…..)

I am currently working on an Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise jacket and should have it finished soon.  It is made out of our recycled  yarn – and it is turning out really well.  I’ll post a picture soon. 

Bye for now.


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Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow!…

Well i’m leaving this morning for a week away…I have to go up to Port Elgin for a business trip…offical union business lol…So I won’t be back til Friday night late. I am all packed and ready to go.

I’m bringing along my “Sweater for Merry” and several sweaters to ‘frog’. (posting a pic of my progress on Merry so far). My knitting bag is now just about the same size as my suitcase!

I mailed out my Winter Knit Scarf Swap kit on Friday (pic posted as well!)

Well I have to head out…

to my sisters – don’t miss me too much! and Kris…sorry about the AllSorts!…



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Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Two Thumbs Up

Karen came over on Saturday night to show Kim and I how to knit the thumbs for our first pair of mittens. Well since then I haven’t been able to knit once stitch. That is until tonight and I am thrilled to say I finished them. Yahoo!

They didn’t turn out half bad. Which is shocking to me because if anyone would have told me this time last year that I would be knitting – let alone knitting mittens – I would have thought they were a few bricks short of a load. But here I am! I will have to say one mitten is bigger than the other and I think the thumbs should have been longer but who cares – I MADE THEM!!! I feel so proud. I tried to get my little guy to try them on but it was a no go – he was busy driving his Diego jeep to Nonald’s – so maybe tomorrow. I think they will have to be put away till next year cause they do look too big for him but oh well, I MADE THEM!!

Now the reason I was not able to finish them earlier was because I was ripping my next ebay sweater like a madwoman. But I am still not finished it which I really cannot believe. So I will not give up and I hope to have it finished by tomorrow and then we will list again on Sunday before Kim leaves for her business trip. A whole week without Kim – what are we going to do Karen?

Oh yeah, I have finally joined my first swap! It’s the Grab Bag Spring Cotton Yarn Skein Swap that I found on Swap-bot. I am excited to try a swap because I know how much Kim enjoyed the Knitters Tea Swap she was in last year.

Okay, well that is about all for now. We are currently getting that big snowstorm that the weather people have been calling for. My older son is praying for a snow day and my daughter says she is going to school regardless. It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow and she does not want to miss it. So we shall see who gets their way!!! Should be interesting. Ha Ha!

Kris :-))

Since Karen was nice enough to give me the majority of the credit for the sweaters we got on Sunday, I feel I should say that out of the three of us Karen was the only one who had her sweater ready to post this week. Way to go Kek!!!!!

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A Message from CT…

and it was from my Winter Scarf Knit Kit Pal!…she sent me a really nice card just letting me know that she’s ‘out there’ and wanting to know something about me…so I’m going to put together some questions here that I hope might help her out a bit…

YARN – I’m not fussy – of course I love Debbie Bliss, Rowan etc etc…But I knit with Paton’s Bernat etc etc as well…so if you’re wondering what fibre to send me for the scarf, go with your choosing! – i’m ummm…easy?!?

HOT DRINK – I think this is suppose to be in the package – will have to check for when I send my package out – anyway – I’m strictly a tea totaller…I don’t think I have ever drank a whole cup of coffee in my life..as for tea flavours, not picky I love them all lol..

I hope this helps you out – oh yeah – I have no allergies – also, when it comes to colours hmmm, I like them all, some more than others of course, I guess earth tones are my favourite..but I’m not picky! lol…am I making this easy at all?

I hope this helps…

okay onto ‘what’s on the needles’ – I am making this  – A Sweater for Merry – i’m making it out of Paton’s Astra – I was going to go a bit ‘high end’ yarn, but wasn’t sure if I could swing the cables so went cheaper instead – well I have the cables ‘down pat’,  so maybe I will one day remake the sweater in a nicer yarn. Take a look at the pictures!

Okay, am off to bed…have a good night everyone..


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