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The Winner………..by a long shot!

Kim, all the kids and I went to Karen’s yesterday for the bi-weekly knitting party. I would have to say, and I think Kim is in agreement that Karen’s party was all that and a bag of chips. She made us an awesome lunch of lasagna, caesar salad and garlic bread. Then, since she was teaching us to knit mittens, she had a beautiful gift bag for the two of us. Inside there were a set of four double point needles, yarn and two patterns for mittens and a pattern for socks. We had a nice and relaxing time knitting and even the kids were good…….well kinda. Things almost went down hill when her husband wanted to know if we wanted him to pick us out a movie to watch. Why do men think that we always need them to find us something to watch? Is the remote control really that hard to work? Oh well, the party was really super and I had a great time. But now I really have a hard act to follow as I host the next one in two weeks. No pressure! That is if Kim’s business trip doesn’t mess it up! Stupid job! Ha Ha.

I finished the little scarves that I was asked to make by my daughter for the sleepover she is going to. She wanted them to put on her and her friends’  Webkinz . I finished them yesterday and what a relief. The first couple were fine but then all I could think about was all the other stuff I was in the process of knitting. But, I did it and that is now a grand total of 7 FO for 2007 (they are small but they all still count as an FO….right?)

Out of the 25 odd Webkinz she owns, these were the lucky five that were picked to model the new scarves.


On the recycling front, I am still working on the silk/cashmere two baller. We are posting the new items tomorrow so I really have to get crackin.

Maybe my daughter will help me………….as payment for those scarves!Ha Ha

Kris 😉


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