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Wanted – Thumbs

I finished the mittens I started last week at Karen’s.


I know I made a couple of mistakes but I think I fixed them. If not I just hope no one notices! Ha Ha. Karen is coming over later to show Kim and I how to knit the thumbs. Kim, I know, has been scouring the internet all week to find a site that could help her but she wasn’t able to find one. So, I would imagine that Karen will be cursing up a storm as she tries to sink this next knitting lesson into our thick skulls.

Karen says I should be ready for socks next – although she hasn’t seen my mittens yet – and I am really looking forward to knitting a pair. I have that beautiful skein of Socks that Rock yarn that Kim got me for Christmas and I want to make something out of it. I do have quite a few projects started already but what’s one more? Right?

I really think I am maturing in my choice of reading material. Kim says it is a sign of getting old but I disagree. When I first moved out at the age of twenty, the best day of the week was Monday. That was the day all the new tabloids came out. I would leave work, go to the book store buy my trash for the week and then go home. I would then make myself something to eat and spend the rest of the night on the couch while loading up on gossip. I loved those days!!!! I mean, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t believe everything I read – which is probably why I was blindsided by the whole Brad Pitt, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie fiasco. But these days I can’t even barely get myself to buy one of those rag mags. I go directly to – you guessed it – the knitting magazines. I am now hooked on them. I feel my heartbeat increase when I find a new issue is in stock. Is it old age or maturity? Probably a little of both I guess. These are the latest editions to my new collection.


They both have many projects that I will be adding to my to do list!!

I am working on a gorgeous merino sweater to list on Monday. It is super soft and really strong. The one downfall is………….IT’S A BLOODY TWO BALLER!!!! ha ha. It is extremely rare for us to have to do a two baller two weeks in a row. Maybe we should go to church more since it seems someone might be trying to tell us something. Really though it is really nice yarn. I would say it’s either a charcoal or smokey grey. I have a hard time with the colours because I don’t want to mislead someone but I think this picture is pretty accurate.


Anyways, gotta run since the sisters are coming over and I have yet to make dinner.

Oh yeah – Brad Pitt, if you are reading this, enough is enough, get your butt back home to your wife!!!

Kris 😉


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