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Treasure from the Thrift Store!!

Kris and I took a trip to the States to our favorite thrift store to get some sweaters for recycling. (Kim was stuck at work – don’t you just hate it when work gets in the way of your passions?) We like to get our sweaters in the States (it’s only 1/2 hour away) because the thrift stores in Canada charge much more – and the selection in the States is fabulous. Take a look at today’s haul:

We actually did very good. You are looking at 4 100% cashmeres, 1 – 100% silk, 1 wool/cotton blend, 1 silk/cotton blend ( a twin set!), and an anglora/wool/nylon blend. We were really happy with these sweaters – they are all stain-free, and in great shape.

Sometimes I almost prefer that the sweater have some sort of flaw – eg. be really outdated, a small tear/hole, ripped collar – just something so that I don’t feel that I am “killing” a perfectly good sweater. I love to see a sweater that has a small mend or two – this makes me happy because it means that the sweater was special to someone. If at this point your thinking I’m a bit crazy – your right – I can be just nuts about fibre!

Anyways if you are not totally bored by sweater talk – here is my favorite:


This is a wool/cotton blend. I’m very partial to this blend – and this sweater is fabulous. The picture doesn’t show it – but the yarn has a faded red/pink denim look – and if I were keeping it I would make my niece Havana a jacket – it would be fabulous. I even know the Debbie Bliss pattern I would like to use. Unfortunately, or should I say fortunately, my sisters and I have a rule than when we go for sweaters – the sweaters are to be recycled for Ebay only.  I know it’s a good thing because I would have recycled yarn stash to go with my handspun stash and my commercial stash. But if it doesn’t sell – well that’s a different story.

This doesn’t mean that we don’t have a small stash of recycled yarn – we do – when we are thrift store shopping solo we can of course get whatever we want. Also when a sweater doesn’t sell than it is up for grabs.

So long for now – sorry for the long post.


I guess I better mention that Kris found the majority of these sweaters – I was looking for some good novels. So Kudos to Kris for this bounty.


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