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A Message from CT…

and it was from my Winter Scarf Knit Kit Pal!…she sent me a really nice card just letting me know that she’s ‘out there’ and wanting to know something about me…so I’m going to put together some questions here that I hope might help her out a bit…

YARN – I’m not fussy – of course I love Debbie Bliss, Rowan etc etc…But I knit with Paton’s Bernat etc etc as well…so if you’re wondering what fibre to send me for the scarf, go with your choosing! – i’m ummm…easy?!?

HOT DRINK – I think this is suppose to be in the package – will have to check for when I send my package out – anyway – I’m strictly a tea totaller…I don’t think I have ever drank a whole cup of coffee in my life..as for tea flavours, not picky I love them all lol..

I hope this helps you out – oh yeah – I have no allergies – also, when it comes to colours hmmm, I like them all, some more than others of course, I guess earth tones are my favourite..but I’m not picky! lol…am I making this easy at all?

I hope this helps…

okay onto ‘what’s on the needles’ – I am making this  – A Sweater for Merry – i’m making it out of Paton’s Astra – I was going to go a bit ‘high end’ yarn, but wasn’t sure if I could swing the cables so went cheaper instead – well I have the cables ‘down pat’,  so maybe I will one day remake the sweater in a nicer yarn. Take a look at the pictures!

Okay, am off to bed…have a good night everyone..



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