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Two Thumbs Up

Karen came over on Saturday night to show Kim and I how to knit the thumbs for our first pair of mittens. Well since then I haven’t been able to knit once stitch. That is until tonight and I am thrilled to say I finished them. Yahoo!

They didn’t turn out half bad. Which is shocking to me because if anyone would have told me this time last year that I would be knitting – let alone knitting mittens – I would have thought they were a few bricks short of a load. But here I am! I will have to say one mitten is bigger than the other and I think the thumbs should have been longer but who cares – I MADE THEM!!! I feel so proud. I tried to get my little guy to try them on but it was a no go – he was busy driving his Diego jeep to Nonald’s – so maybe tomorrow. I think they will have to be put away till next year cause they do look too big for him but oh well, I MADE THEM!!

Now the reason I was not able to finish them earlier was because I was ripping my next ebay sweater like a madwoman. But I am still not finished it which I really cannot believe. So I will not give up and I hope to have it finished by tomorrow and then we will list again on Sunday before Kim leaves for her business trip. A whole week without Kim – what are we going to do Karen?

Oh yeah, I have finally joined my first swap! It’s the Grab Bag Spring Cotton Yarn Skein Swap that I found on Swap-bot. I am excited to try a swap because I know how much Kim enjoyed the Knitters Tea Swap she was in last year.

Okay, well that is about all for now. We are currently getting that big snowstorm that the weather people have been calling for. My older son is praying for a snow day and my daughter says she is going to school regardless. It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow and she does not want to miss it. So we shall see who gets their way!!! Should be interesting. Ha Ha!

Kris :-))

Since Karen was nice enough to give me the majority of the credit for the sweaters we got on Sunday, I feel I should say that out of the three of us Karen was the only one who had her sweater ready to post this week. Way to go Kek!!!!!


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