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Missing Kim : (

Well Kim is gone on her business trip and Kris and I are both feeling the pain.  I talk to her almost everyday for about an hour – about knitting,  knitting related stuff, and sometimes about sister Kris.  This week I may just have to talk to myself (I do talk to Kris also – but that is a different timeslot)  Kris talks to Kim everynight for about as long – probably about knitting, knitting related stuff and about me.

While Kim is away Kris and I thought we might write about the (6) weird things about Kim (all in fun of course).  I really hope we are able to stop at 6.  So I am going to start it –

Weird Thing About Kim #1

Kim calls her 14 year-old-son – Baby.  I don’t mean like, look at him he’s my Baby.  It’s more like Baby make sure you’re home on time, Baby what do you want for supper, etc.  Please bear in mind that he does have a real name – this is not his actual name.

(Actually maybe this is not a weird thing about Kim – maybe it is a weird thing about him – because he does answer to the name hmmmm…..)

I am currently working on an Elizabeth Zimmerman Baby Surprise jacket and should have it finished soon.  It is made out of our recycled  yarn – and it is turning out really well.  I’ll post a picture soon. 

Bye for now.



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