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I Broke My Promise – Weird Kim #4


Well last night was my spinning night with my friends.  We take turns hosting it every other week.  Well this week was at my friend’s Paulette’s house (it just so happens she owns a yarn shoppe that is located in her home).  As much as I love it when it is at Paulette’s – my husband hates it – he knows the temptation I deal with there.  This week I absolutely promised that I would buy no yarn (it’s not like I need anything but . . .)  Well I’m sure you know the ending to this story – I just took a little peek in the shoppe – and came home with some lovely variegated superwash wool.  But I absolutely promise not to cast on another project until I finish a)  My EZ Baby Surprise  b)  Peapod Baby Set and c) 2 baby hats – I mean it I absolutely promise. 

Anyways onto to weird thing 4 about Kim

Kim can’t stand to have her toes touched – she can’t even stand it if you talk about touching her toes.  For instance if her granddaughter is playing Dr and I tell her “grandma has a bobo on her toe check it out” – Kim goes nuts – saying “no no” and leaves – so Havana can’t get near her toes.  Wow it’s looking like Kim really is weird.   We probably won’t have to talk about Kris or I – really we’re relatively normal.

That’s it for now – hopefully some FO pictures next time.



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