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Prototype Number 1 and Weird Thing #3 about Kim

I knew it wouldn’t take long……….and it didn’t. I had the whole bottom of my Petunia Tote complete and had picked up all the stitches – which by the way was no easy task – got the first row done when BAM………it occurred to this new knitter that something just was not up to snuff. I had purled a row on the bottom instead of knitting and it looked awful. Now I did consider just leaving it – especially after the heck I went thru trying to pick up all those stitches – but decided I will attempt it again. A wise man once said “If at first you don’t succeed blah blah blah” I was going to post a picture but mistake prototype number one had already been scooped up by my daughter as a Barbie blanket. My loss is Barbie’s gain I guess.

As for weird thing about Kim #3………..to be fair it is probably not really a weird thing just about her. So here goes:

After I had met my husband, we decided to set Kim and my husband’s brother up on a blind date. They hit it off and married in 1992. My husband and I got married in 1994. Yes……….that means we are two sisters married to two brothers. Now some people might be saying………..”ah I don’t think that is so weird” but here is the kicker, two of my husband’s sisters are married to……..you guessed it, two brothers. And not to be left out, Karen is married to a very good friend of all of the above. So, I guess this is not just really a weird thing about just Kim but really about all the people involved. But hey, you are never at a loss of someone you know at any family function. lol

Anyways from her post I see that Kim has been reading our blog. Funny that she can find the time to blog but Karen and I have yet to hear from her. hmmmmmm do you think she could be a tad upset with us about something, Karen??lol

Have a great night!!

Kris šŸ˜‰


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