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And Away We Go…!

well we are now T -10 hours away til we leave on our trip!!!…..I have a million things left to do! I’m so excited though so it will probably be a long night!…Shopping, yarn shopping and the Yarn Harlot…is there anything better?? I don’t think so….

I’ve been wracking my brain trying to think of different projects that I would like to do – since we are going to yarn stores I would like to buy the yarn for a ‘just for me’ project! I look at so many patterns and see TONS that I would love to make, but when you sit here and try to come up with one off the top of your head it’s impossible! lol…

Right now I’m working on a shrug for my lovely granddaughter Havana…I’m making her the Hug Me Shrug – if you remember i’ve already made her this shrug in pink

but her mother asked me to knit her another one for her Easter dress – so like a good grandmother that is exactly what I’m doing! lol……now the pink one I did in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino – but when I went to the yarn store to get the yarn they didn’t have this yarn in white (which I definitely have to have to match her dress) – so I picked a fairly equal match – i’m using Sublime yarn. It is incredibly soft and they have the most awesome patterns!….

well hate to cut this short…but I’ve got to get ready to go!!! lol….

by the way, to my SP10 pal – if you’re reading this have a great vacation!! You have me curious as to where you’re going it sounds FABULOUS!!!…lol…

take care all



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Three More Days!!!!

Yippee!!!! Only three more days until the sisters and I go for our Moms Only weekend. I am really, really, really looking forward to it. Can you tell? Ha Ha!! I am so looking forward to just relaxing. The funny thing with me is I always look forward to going away whether it’s just the sisters and I or with my family and then when I get there I just can’t wait to come home. It’s worse when I am not with the kids because I miss them so much and I feel guilty about leaving them. Oh well, I think I will make it thru. It will be hard but I will manage. Ha Ha. Anyways it’s good for my husband to spend some time alone with the kids. That’s what I am telling him anyways!

I finally finished a small item for my SP10 pal. Yahoo!! I am now working on another one. I would post a picture but if she has happened to figure out who I am, I don’t want to ruin the surprise. I hope to finish getting the rest of her goodies for her this weekend while I am away and send her out her package. I have quite a few things in mind for her so that’s a good thing. I haven’t done anything to my Petunia Tote in a week or so but as soon as I get this second item done for my Pal I will be working on it again. Maybe this weekend I hope.

Anyways it’s 12:30 am here and someone has to work tomorrow…………….have a great Thursday!!!!
Kris 😉

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Mail Call!!

Lookee, lookee what I got in the mail


Yep – some Rowan Calmer in a lovely Tangerine shade. I’ve used the Calmer once before and I love it. I’m not sure what I am going to make with this. Well actually I am sort of sure – I hope to make a baby/toddler cardigan. I am planning on making a sort of design of my own – well actually using different characteristics of a few sweaters that I like. I am trying to do my own thing with my knitting this year. I also have plans to make my daughter a pair shortee pyjamas – from all the good things of a few patterns. She has eczema quite bad – and I am going to make them out of the organic cotton that Kris was talking about in an earlier post. I usually am just a pattern follower – and often even in the exact colour. I am turning over a new leaf – or trying to.

Right now I am working on a pair of baby jeans from Knitty. I am working them out of Rowan Denim. Kim got me this yarn and pattern for Christmas – and I have been anxious to make them – although I don’t have a recipient in mind.

Okay that is all for now – my son has homework and needs the computer.


Note for my SP10pal  – See I am a good girl – I finally posted – and will try to do so more often : )

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Worst of Enemies, Best of Friends

My two older kids are less than a year apart – by three days. It was nice when they were babies and then toddlers because there was always someone to play with. But there are days now when you would think we had the Hatfields and the McCoys living here. Plus, if fighting with each other doesn’t satisfy them, they have to draw their two year old brother into the mix.

The other night I had a flashback to the days when Kaity and Brendan were small and the best of friends when I found the two of them in Kaity’s room sound asleep. It made me yearn for the days when their biggest fight was which Barney movie they would watch next.


Don’t tell the kids but I am keeping this picture handy for when the two of them start bringing home dates.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and enjoying this wonderful weather!!!

Kris 🙂

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I have a problem….

My problem is this ….. I want to knit something for my SP10 spoilee. But since I am a new knitter – since last summer – I am worried that whatever I make may not be up to snuff, if you get my meaning. Now I know, she will more than likely appreciate whatever I make her. She said she loves to get handmade gifts but I still worry that because I am inexperienced my knitting is just not good enough to give away to someone – let alone someone I don’t even know and half a world away. Does anyone else feel like this? Or maybe its just me. I have started 3 different things for her and have frogged them all. My kids are laughing at me because I am getting a reputation for knitting a couple rows and then ripping them out and trying something new. I guess I just have to bite the bullet and stick to something and have confidence she will like whatever I send her.

I hope !!


Kris 😦

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Not to be left out……….

I am the kind of person who hates to be left out. Of anything. So here are my recycled yarns that I got ready for this week.


This is one of the thickest cashmeres that I have ever recycled. It’s a four ply in such a gorgeous colour.


This is a batch of 100% cotton. The colour is also very nice.

But anyway, I have been knitting, or trying to knit since I seem to have to rip out everything I start at least once or twice before I like what I see, some dishclothes out of the organic cotton that I bought last week. I really like the feel of this cotton. To me it feels a lot light than the other cottons that I have used in the past. I really don’t have much done on them so I will probably post some pictures next time. I am still also working on my Petunia tote bag. The doctor (Thank you so much, Karen) came out on Saturday night and fixed whatever I had done wrong to it. So I am ready to roll with it again.

Tee minus 11 days until our next Mom’s Weekend away and I am soooo ready. The sisters and I are leaving on the Saturday morning of the 31st and we are headed to beautiful Ann Arbor, Michigan. Now this weekend is not going to be like the two we had last year. Those trips were mostly shopping, shopping, shopping. I mean there is going to be shopping, we haven’t lost our minds. There definitely has to be shopping involved. lol ! But we have said that this trip will be mostly about something every mother craves…….relaxation! Oh yeah, I can hardly wait. On Saturday we plan on maybe hitting a Target, maybe a JoAnne’s and definitely a couple yarn stores and resale shops….(we always can use more sweaters and hey, if we are doing stuff for our little “business” does that mean this can be consider a business trip and we can write it off?? lol). Then we plan to spend the rest of the night at a hotel, knitting, RELAXING and probably laughing our butts off. Boy, if that was really possible I wouldn’t need Weight Watchers!!!

The big excitement of the trip comes on Sunday, the 1st of April. Can anyone guess who else might be in Ann Arbor on that Sunday?!!! Come on…….I am sure everyone knows who I am talking about. Okay, okay………Sunday afternoon we plan on stopping by the Ann Arbor District Library and seeing………….drumroll please………….the one and the only…….YARN HARLOT!!!!! She is doing a book signing there and we can hardly wait.

Well, that is about all for now. Have a good Wednesday!!!

Kris 🙂

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A Little Bit of This and That…

Well I had a sleepover on Saturday night with my niece Kaity (Kris’ girl), Danielle (Karen’s girl) and my granddaughter Havana – according to them it was GREAT! and they had a great time – go figure lol…here’s a pic of the girls’ in their jammies!

see that grandbaby of mine lol – she is too funny – mugs for the camera just like her daddy(my son Alex) use to.

I’m currently making her Monica from the current issue of Knitty. Here’s my progress – I almost have the front done I just have to knit the spaghetti straps then i’m starting on the back.

I’m making it out of Sonata from Elann – it’s a great pattern – quick and simple!

here is my current yarn that I’ll be posting on Ebay tomorrow.  It’s such a great Spring colour – nice and soft and cushiony!

As for Secret Pal 10 – I received my pal! I’m so excited to get underway! I love swaps – this my third swap and they all have been fantastic experiences.

and I have heard from mine – she sounds awesome – she said in her intro email that she is going on vacation in April – what a great spoil that would be for me – TAKE ME WITH YOU!!! lol..I don’t care where – I just want to go on vacation too! lol…

well that’s it for now….off to bed…

take care


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This & That

Hi all:

Well we haven’t picked out a name for the new kitten yet. We wanted to get to know him, and pick a name that really fit. My daughter really likes Nosey, but he is a wee bit bad – and I like Diablo. Unfortunately my son likes Diablo also, so his sister won’t vote for that name because that would mean “he wins”. You’ve got to love siblings! The deadline for a name is tomorrow – so we will wait and see. In the meantime here is a picture of him:


And here is an action shot – yeah he just loves yarn, knitting needles, etc. I have done a thorough cleaning to put away all yarn (need I say it took a long long time) Unfortunately I am well aware of the dangers of yarn for cats/kittens. Elsie and Smokey always left yarn alone – but a previous cat just loved to suck it.


On the fiber/yarn front – I have been knitting on this and that – mostly I have been busy getting 2 cashmere sweaters ready to list on Ebay later today or tomorrow. Here is a lovely Scottish cashmere – this is one of the best cashmeres I have ever recycled. I wish there would have been more of it.


That’s it for now – I have to go and finish rolling my recycled yarn – my boss (aka Kim) will be calling me when she gets home from work if I don’t have it done.


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What’s New

Well, here it is – Friday already and March Break is almost over. It really wasn’t that bad actually. I thought the kids would be constantly fighting but they were like two ships that passed in the night. They were hardly home at the same time. My daughter spent most of the week at her girlfriend’s house. My older son spent three days at Kim’s. I really felt bad because we didn’t take them anywhere but all and all they seemed to have fun this week. So life is good!!

Karen made a interesting discovery at our local Wal-Mart. It caused a wave of excitement amongst the three of us or so it seems as we all went there and bought some! lol
dsc02357.JPG dsc02358.JPG

Bernat, who makes yarn similar to Peaches & Creme, makes an organic cotton yarn!! It is softer then the Bernat Handicrafter in my opinion. It’s about twice the price of the Handicrafter but I can’t wait to make some dishclothes out of it. I bought four balls of it on Thursday – don’t tell my husband – but once in a while a girl has to treat herself….right?!

I am at a standstill with my Petunia Tote right now. Just waiting for the yarn doctor…..aka Karen, to pay me a housecall. As I was knitting a round yesterday something didn’t seem right to me but I thought maybe I was just being too picky. So I knitted two more rounds today and sure enough something definitely is not right. The stitches on that one round are really loose in one particular spot. It looks awful. So Dr. Karen is coming by to knit with me tomorrow night and she says she will have a look. I would go back and rip out the last 3 or 4 rounds but my skills only allow for the ripping out of maybe 10 stitches. I am really proud of myself though……pat shoulder…….the tote is looking awesome and I am happy that I am taking my time – something very new to me – and I can really tell the difference. And if I do say so myself, it looks GREAT!!! But I still have a long way to go.

Another thing I have been working on is my Debbie Bliss baby blanket.dsc02360.JPG

It’s a simple and easy knit. It’s the Garter Stitch Blanket out of Debbie Bliss’ Baby Knits for Beginners……beginners, hmmmm sounds about made for me!! I am knitting it out of non traditional baby colours. I chose a white, burgandy, pale green – is it sage maybe? -, a grey and a paprika colour. The yarn is Debbie Bliss’ Cashmerino Aran. Super soft! I need to make 56 squares and I think I have maybe 15 done so it will be a work in progress for quite sometime I would imagine. The thing I like about it the most is that you can whip up a square in about 1/2 an hour. Sometimes I really need to see that I am making some progress.
Now for some really exciting news………………I got my SP10 Secret Pal. Yahoooo!! I knew I would be getting her info sometime on Wednesday because my hostess emailed me that morning. I was so happy when it finally came….late, late that night. I won’t give any details in case she tracks me down but she seems like a nice lady and she blogs often so that is good. I also heard from my spoiler, who sent me a really friendly email.

So that’s about all for now but I wanted to give you all a peek at some recycled yarn I got ready this past week. It’s a gorgeous 100% Silk and the colour is just gorgeous.


Happy St. Patrick’s Day!!!! Don’t eat too much corned beef and cabbage and stay away from the green beer!!!! lol


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Saying Goodbye to Elsie.

Hello all – it’s been a while since I posted. I’ve been very busy doing taxes, recycling yarn – and of course knitting.

I spent the weekend knitting a couple of items for theHumane Society. We had to have our oldest cat put to sleep a couple of weeks ago. Her name was Elsie and she was a very special cat and friend to the entire family. Everyone is so sad without her. It’s a toss up who misses her more – Smokey (her cat brother) or Bear (her dog brother) – both have been mopey since she left.


Here she is the day before we took her to the vet. Wasn’t she a beautiful cat. I loved her eyes – they were a fabulous golden colour. On Saturday we went to the Humane Society to see if we could find a cat/kitten to add to the family. Although I had wanted to adopt a slightly older cat – most of them were noted as not being suitable for a family with a dog or a cat. We finally decided on a kitten they called Squirt. We are waiting to give him a new name – we just picked him up today so have not decided on a new name yet. He is very cute – and I will post pictures soon – he is just getting settled and I don’t want to scare him with the flash.

It made me so sad at the Humane Society to see all the animals without homes. I noticed some of the cat cages had little knitted pads in them for the animals. This touched me. I decided to knit a couple of things to donate to the shelter when we went to pick up Squirt. I found a lovely site with lots of patterns for making these pads or snuggles as they call them. Here is the one that I made:elsie.jpg

I also made this cat bed from Wendy’s pattern. I was so happy with how this turned out. I know that I will be making more of these!


I will try to post some of the other Fo’s I have soon.

I am eagerly awaiting to get my SP10 pal. I am so excited to be participating in this. I can’t wait.


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