Sisters, Knitters, Sweater Recyclers


I know I sound a little over excited about this – but really for a person who is much better at starting projects than finishing them – this is big news.

I must say though that I really seem to be into my knitting this year – I think I have finished more projects so far this year then I did for all of last year.

Anyways – here is my first FO – it is a beret that I knitted from the tiny remnants of sweaters we have unknitted.  So here is my friend’s baby “Baby B” wearing her one-of-a-kind cashmere/angora/silk/wool beret:


Isn’t she adorable – I just want to squeeze those cheeks.  And I am so happy to have an actual model for it – babies are a little bit hard to come by in the family right now – so we have to resort to doll models or the ever popular flat look (see my next picture).

The next FO is Kate Gilbert’s peapod baby set that I made for my co-worker’s new nephew.  I love this pattern – this is the second time I have made it.


I’m hoping to get a lot of knitting accomplished this weekend – the knitting party is supposed to be at Kim’s tomorrow night – but she’s not sure she is having it.  I think maybe she is waiting for a better offer – but we’ll see. 


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