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The Bad, the Good and the Just Plain Scary!!!!

I have made a great deal of progress in my Interweave Knits Petunia Tote in the past week.


Unfortunately, I also ripped apart a lot of that above said progress. But I came to an important conclusion in my knitting. You see, I am a person who always feel that I have to rush thru everything I do and the same goes for knitting. I just want to be done so I can a) see the finished product and b) move on to the next project. But as I was starting my Petunia tote yet again and found some things that I just did not like I thought it would probably be a good thing and go back and fix them now rather than hate the thing once it was done. So that’s what I did and boy, am I ever happy with what I have so far.


I don’t have all that much done but I am coming along and if I do say so myself it’s looking all right!!

Okay, so I showed you the bad and the good and now for the scary! Are you sure you are ready?!! Here goes……..


Here is a picture of my two year old son. Let me tell you that Spiderman is not happy!!! Everyone in the family tries to avoid making this child’s face look like that. For this instance his mean mother – which would be yours truly – would not give him the cookies that he wanted. The fact that it was 9 in the morning didn’t really matter to him. But we were all smiles again when I turned The Wiggles on for the 100th time. So all is good!!!

Well that is all for now but I wanted to show off the yarn that I did to post on Ebay this coming week. It is gorgeous – a 20 ounce Silk/Cotton mix. Really nice!

Have a great Monday!!!

Kris 🙂

P.S Kim, thanks for hosting the party last night. The food was awesome!! Thank-you!!! Sorry about what happened to the delivery boy’s hubby’s car. That was unfortunate. Oh and I am really sorry about bringing over my boy who came down with the stomach flu during the night. That was really unfortunate!!!


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