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SP10 Update and What’s New with Me!

Well, the sisters and I have heard from our SP10 hostesses. Now all we are waiting on is the names of our swap pals. I personally can’t wait – I might have already mentioned that a couple of times ..lol but it’s true.

My Petunia Tote is coming along slow but sure. There really hasn’t been much change in it so I am not going to post a picture. It’s one of those things that I think needs to be done when you are knitting alone or when the kids are off to bed. I always have 100 things going on and that does not mix with counting stitches. So I am going to either pull out my log cabin or my Debbie Bliss baby blanket and then I will have a easy knit for when I am knitting with others and then a more difficult knit for when I am alone. There is a really cute top on the new spring issue of Knitty that I might make for my daughter. It is supposedly an easy knit so I think I will be giving that a try in the next few weeks.

Karen, Kim and I are on a countdown to our next Moms Only Weekend away. We took two last year – one to Auburn Hills, Michigan for shopping and one to St. Jacobs, Ontario for more shopping. We have slightly different plans for this trip though. I’m sure we will be talking about it a lot more in the coming weeks as it gets closer. WOOHOOO!!!

The kids are off next week for March Break. My daughter has been coming home everyday this week with news of what all her classmates will be doing on their vacation. This many kids are going to Florida and this many kids are going to Cancun. So I just told her that we better stay home because those two places sound like they will be really packed.lol ….. I laughed, she didn’t. Seriously though, I have known my husband for almost twenty years and he has only taken time off of work for two vacations. One for our honeymoon to Niagara Falls. The other when we took the kids along with my family to Rice Lake, Ontario. That man just will not take any time off. This year I might have to bite the bullet and drive on the 401 up to Niagara Falls because I think they are about the only kids in this part of Ontario that have not seen it. Now, I am a very nervous driver and I try to avoid any busy roads so I am hoping I can talk hubby into a long weekend. Maybe I will get my daughter to cry, that usually does the trick. I think if I were to drive up to Niagara Falls alone, which is probably 3 to 4 hours from here, in a car with three kids I would cry and there is a good chance I would never stop. I took them to the clinic about 5 minutes from here to get their flu shots and I cried all the way back home. ha ha …….seriously!

Anyways, that is all for now, hopefully one of my sisters will post and then I can spare everyone my boring stories for a while. Wish me luck with the impending March Break…..I really think I am going to need it!!!

Kris šŸ˜‰


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