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I have a problem….

My problem is this ….. I want to knit something for my SP10 spoilee. But since I am a new knitter – since last summer – I am worried that whatever I make may not be up to snuff, if you get my meaning. Now I know, she will more than likely appreciate whatever I make her. She said she loves to get handmade gifts but I still worry that because I am inexperienced my knitting is just not good enough to give away to someone – let alone someone I don’t even know and half a world away. Does anyone else feel like this? Or maybe its just me. I have started 3 different things for her and have frogged them all. My kids are laughing at me because I am getting a reputation for knitting a couple rows and then ripping them out and trying something new. I guess I just have to bite the bullet and stick to something and have confidence she will like whatever I send her.

I hope !!


Kris šŸ˜¦


March 23, 2007 - Posted by | Uncategorized

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  1. I am Karen’s SP10 and I know that I would love to get something handmade from my ‘spoiler’ – go for it, you are creating something for a fellow knitter and I am sure that they will LOVE whatever you make because we all know the effort and care that goes into our handknits. And besides, how often are we actually on the receiving end of a handknit??

    And Karen, time to update the blog chickie!!

    Comment by SP10 | March 25, 2007

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