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A New Knitting Bag!

Kim and I headed to the States after work on Friday to get some sweaters for recycling. We headed off to our favorite thrift store (Value World). We had a very successful trip. Out of all the Value World’s that we go to in Detroit – our favorite is the one on Telegraph Road – and once again it did not disappoint. Check out the 2 brand new, yep brand new with tags, cashmere sweaters that we got


We also got several other cashmeres and silk blends (which I got all washed up and distributed to the sisters) . Another one that we got that I rather liked was this linen/cotton blend


Now I have to confess that all the best sweaters Kim found. Now even though Kim will tell a different story – I was looking just as hard as her – but she had the big finds. Of course while I was looking at the sweaters I just happened to find the cutest little purse that will become my new knitting bag (for small items). It is so cute – and I have received many compliments on it – not from Kim though – I think maybe she was a little jealous.


And now in case you thought I was covering up for a lack of FO – I’m not – although this was not the FO I had planned on – here it is


I love these booties. You make them out of sock yarn. Here is the pattern . Not only do I love this pattern I love the story that goes along with them.

And now at the risk of sounding like I am bragging – I have another FO – it is blocking right now but I will post soon.

Bye for now



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Good Weather and Some Knitting

We have been getting some mild temperatures for a change around here. It is nice to be able to get outside with the kids and let them burn of a little of their energy. It is also a lot easier to get them in to bed at night…….lol. But for one certain two year old having to come in when you have been playing outside seems like the end of the world.


I know I promised myself that I would not start anymore projects until I had something finished but I have decided to try my luck at the Forest Canopy Shawl. Karen made one for her friend and it was beautiful. So, during our trip to the yarn store last Friday I picked up some yarn so I could cast on and on and on and on. That’s right four cast ons later I think I might now actually be on my way. I have learned though, that lace is not really something you can do when the children are still awake. dsc02404.jpg

Here is my progress so far. I should be good to go now since I followed the pattern’s advice and am using a lifeline or as I like to now call it………a sanity saver!!! I don’t know why no one (no one as in Karen or Kim) ever told me about these lifelines before now. Maybe they liked to see me knit, rip out, knit, rip out until the only thing left to rip out was my hair. But anyways, the cable from my options set is great as a lifeline. And I can proudly say I have one repeat of the shawl now done…yahoo!!!!

The sisters are coming on over tomorrow night for a little knitting and probably a lot of teasing and laughing. It has been a while and I am looking forward to it.

Have a good weekend everyone!!

Kris 🙂

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The Mail Has Been Good To Me Lately!…

today in the mail I got these….

Note cards from Jane over at Grammie Knits … I won these cards in a contest she had! All three of us sister’s entered but it was ME, ME, ME, ME who won the cards, I was actually a runner-up and she was nice enough to still send me a prize!! She even went the extra mile and put the blog’s title on them! Thank you Jane for these lovely cards! One problem though, I don’t want to write in them…???!!??? I just want to keep them all nice and pretty – wrapped in a bow!! lol…

As Kristeen earlier posted – the two sister’s and I went out for lunch and to the yarn store on Friday! It was the perfect afternoon – Italian food and yarn – does it get any better? Of course I bought some yarn to make the grandbaby something out of the Debbie Bliss book that my Sp10 pal sent me…

I’m making her that lovely wrap cardigan! She starts school in September so I’m knitting up some things to start her off with! As you can see I decided to make it out of Alpaca! Nothing is too good for my granddaughter! The colour is actually a bit lighter and it has hues of blues and reds and pinks in it!….

As for Karen’s announcement of a knitting milestone I achieved….it will have to wait til tomorrow!…but i’m sooooo excited!!…

have a great day!


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A Wonderful Package From My SP10

Just look at the great package I got from my wonderful SP10cnv0264.jpg

I can’t tell you how grateful and spoiled I feel.  Before I even opened the box I could smell the lavendar soap – which is my favorite scent.   The “minties” candy were opened right away – I have a slight mint addiction – these were very yummy and something I have never seen in Canada.  I did share one of the dark chocolate mint eggs with my hubby another treat I’ve never seen here – after all he had very kindly brought my package to me at work – knowing how eagerly I was awaiting this parcel.  As I think spring has finally arrived here (I’ve got my fingers crossed) I will be washing my sweaters in the lovely smelling wool/cashmere wash before putting them to bed for the summer.  And what can I say about the lovely Rowan Kid Classic in my favorite colour – I have been scouring my magazines for the perfect project for this yarn.  My pal has made my first swap very special.  Look at the cute stitch marker she sent – I don’t think he showed up well enough in the photo above


I’ve done some knitting lately and may even have an FO to show a little later in the week.  I can hardly believe it – me – an FO.  Well I best just calm down a bit – I mean it’s not there yet – but I do feel confident.

Watch for an exciting personal knitting development from my sister Kim – after she makes the announcement – be sure to congratulate her – I can attest to how hard she has worked to achieve this.

Bye for now ,


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And the Winner is…………….x2

The three of us had a great time at lunch today. We laughed, ate and then went to the knitting store. Ahh…….the perfect way to spend a beautiful Friday afternoon.

But you probably don’t care about that so let’s get right down to it.

During our lunch we chose the winner of our contest by picking a name out of a Ziploc containing all the people who were kind enough to leave a comment for us. And the lucky winner is………


Ok, it’s a little fuzzy but the winner is Karen’s SP10 Pal. Congratulations!!! Karen has your address from the parcel you just sent her this week and she will be mailing out the book to you. Thank you so much!!!

While we were away I had purchased a copy of the Yarn Harlot’s book for a friend. Not knowing this she went out and bought one for herself. So we have decided to give one more autographed copy away. Surprise, Suprise!!!

That winner is………………..


Congratulations Jane!!! There will be a book in the mail for you too!!

We want to thank everyone once again for the comments. We had a lot of fun reading them all.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!


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Contest is Closed

Our Three Month Blogiversary Contest is now offically over!!

We want to thank everyone who took time out of their busy days to leave us comments. We have loved reading them. We hope you will continue to stop and visit us every now and then.

We will be posting the winner of the contest tomorrow evening. The three of us are going out for lunch tomorrow – don’t tell Karen and Kim’s bosses, PLEASE – and we will be picking the winner then.

Good Luck to everyone!!!


Kris 🙂

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Hurry, Hurry!!

Just a reminder that the contest closes tonight at midnight!!!

Get your comments in for your chance to win The Yarn Harlot’s newest book!!!

Karen, Kim, Kris

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I’m a Professional Swapper!…

I’m really starting to believe it….lol….I started this new profession off with the Knit Tea Swap – which was great fun…I LOVE tea!!…and then I did the Winter Scarf Swap – another fun one! Then along came Secret Pal 10 – then I joined up with the Cotton Yarn Swap – Next up i’m starting with the Button Swap and I’m getting ready for the International Candy Swap!! lol…..

I received in the mail today my package from the Cotton Yarn Swap – you had to send one cotton yarn to your swap buddy….My buddy sending to me was Hoyan who is from the Netherlands. Take a look at this gorgeous colour cotton she sent me!

the colour is actually a gorgeous turqouise shade! – and she sent me a lovely handwritten postcard and a pattern for a crocheted collar!

As for knitting news on my end…I still have that secret project to unveil! lol …. I have to block it!….and then I have a couple other things almost done that I will be posting in the next few days…

as for other news …. I’m going to be a grandmother again….

we have every reason to believe our little girl is ‘with puppies’! lol….She was artificially inseminated and from what we are told it is 100% foolproof….which means Dory will be a first time mommy June 5th or 6th!… Doesn’t she look thrilled?? lol..

well that’s about all…!…

By the way Jane, NO, I’m not sharing my YAK!!…It’s mine…ALL MINE!!!… lol

have a great night!


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I was reading the Yarn Harlot‘s new book and I came across a part that mentioned something about a knitter or two having to get a tetanus shot. I thought this was odd until I actually got a knitting injury. I had been working on my Petunia tote for a couple of days straight and I always slip the stitch off the left needle with my right index finger. Anyways, after the second day or so the needle made a small hole in the tip of my finger. Everytime the needle went anywhere around that little hole in the skin it was like an electric shock going up my arm. lol. So I have put the tote bag away for awhile and have been working on my Debbie Bliss Baby Blanket and I also knit up a dishcloth. Perfect knitting for a weekend that included another migraine- three in one week!! Kim came over on Saturday night – Karen was entertaining our brother and his fiance at her house – and she brought along her yak fleece that she received from her SP10 pal. It was so soft!! She also brought her new Debbie Bliss book and there are some really nice things in there. There is a sweater I really want to make for my daughter – can’t recall the name of it, sorry – and I know that Kim and Karen also have their eyes on some things, so an order from Knit Picks is on the horizon, I am sure of it. Ha Ha

Ryan has recuperated very well from his bout with pneumonia. The doctor says that his lungs are clear but he wants an x-ray at 8 weeks to check for scar tissue. So I am very relieved. I just wish the warm weather would come and stay. One day you are wearing a coat and the next day you are out in a T-shirt. It is no wonder we all aren’t sick. Thank you all for the well wishes you have left in the comments for him. I really appreciate it.
Well that is all for now. I have a picture of my new washcloth – super exciting, I know – but I will post that next time.

Have a good Tuesday!

Kris 😉

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reading this blog entry could cause serious yarn envy!!!….lol…don’t say I didn’t warn you!

I got my package from my SP10 Pal…and what a Pal she is…I can’t believe what a fantastic package I got…I had to go to work right after I got it, and I was floating!!..in fact my co-workers were all wondering why I was in such a good mood at WORK!! lol…

okay let’s get to it….

first off…I got a Chocolate “Bilby” – my pal says in her letter that it is an Easter Classic…it’s a cute little bugger!! lol…

now, she sent me a pattern book for knitted animals – this is book is WAY too cute!!…What awesome gifts they would make!…and yes there is a BILBY in there!! lol..

okay, next up….she sent me Debbie Bliss’ JUNIOR KNITS – this book is the GREATEST!! My mind has been swirling all day thinking of all the things I’m going to be making that grandbaby of mine..!! I brought it to work with me as one of my co-workers loves to knit as well and she just had her first granddaughter – we POURED over it at lunch and at our breaks…!!

and now…drum roll please……the YARN….I was stunned to say the least…here’s the pic first…

four skeins of awesome colours…so I take a skein out of the box and I’m thinking this is sooooo soft….and i’m thinking…hmm some sort of wool…awesome!!…But I was WRONG – it’s NOT wool… are you ready for this….it’s…

YES!!! it’s 100% PURE YAK DOWN!!!….. this stuff has the feel of the most luxurious cashmere!!…I’m still stunned…lol….I don’t want to use it…I just want to take it out of the box and squeeze it and squish it and put it securely back in the box…lol….

so now onto the wonderful Sp10 Pal that I have – I got the package this morning then later on my regular mail came and with that came this postcard from her.

she’s from Australia!!….right now she’s in the States on vacation….THANK YOU SECRET PAL FOR THIS WONDERFUL PACKAGE!!!….I LOVE it ALL…..you got me dead-on with the children patterns etc….knitting for my granddaughter is my favourite thing!! lol…and the Yak Yarn is honestly a treasure to have…!…..everything you sent is very much appreciated….!!…I hope you’re having a wonderful time on your vacation!….Thank you so much again…!!…

okay, i’m outta here, I have TWO new knitting books to read…do I knit Havana one of those cute animals or something from the Debblie Bliss book first….decisions … decisions …


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