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Knitting Goodies…

okay so now I’ll tell what I got on my trip in the way of Knitting Goodies!! lol…

I actually didn’t get too too much, but I love what I did get!!…

I got this awesome yarn…Kettle Dyed “Malabrigo”…..I love the ‘feel’ of this yarn!!  I got two skeins..I’m making the pattern below and then I’m going to make a matching hat!

Karen and I were standing in line at the yarn shop when we seen a display of this sweater all done up…needless to say we got out of the line to get the yarn and pattern!!….ONE SKEIN needed – does it get any better!!??? lol…Kris was back at the library holding our seats for the Yarn Harlot…BIG THANKS go out to our little sis for sacrificing the yarn store trip in order to secure our seats…Karen had won a prize at the yarn store and gave it to Kris and I gave her some buttons I bought and a pen…We luv ya!!!..

I love these buttons…they are made out of ceramic and they are soooo cute..!! I did have five but I gave one to Kris and Karen, they’re HUGE, noway could you put five of them on a child’s sweater!

and this was bought for my SP10 pal – I’m playing it safe just in case she has figured out who I am…don’t want to give away the surprise…but I will say…it’s YARN! lol…

that’s all I got….but it’s enough…I have plenty other projects on the needles…so I was a pretty good girl..lol….

okay..i’m outta here…..I’m going to write up our “CONTEST” blog entry…that’s right our very first CONTEST!!…we are so excited lol…!!….



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  1. I love Malibrago yarn – and those kitten buttons are so cute!

    Comment by Jane | April 3, 2007

  2. hey! were those kitty buttons from busy hands???? I lookd at them Sunday- after the Harlot;)

    Comment by traceysolomon | April 3, 2007

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