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I’ve Got Dischcloth Fever – Again!


I had dishcloth fever last summer. Kim and Kris both caught it from me. As a matter of fact I think the dishcloths are what got Kris knitting. I think the reason I am so into the dishcloths right now is because things have been a little stressful at work lately and when I get home I need some mindless knitting – dishcloth fever once again. The summer fever had me knitting lots of Ballband Dishcloths from Mason Dixon Knitting.

This fever had me looking for a dishcloth with a little less thinking – and here is what I came up with – Nubbin Dishcloth and Checkerboard Dishcloth. The Checkerboard is my favorite followed closely by the Nubbin. Here is a picture of my dishcloth stash.


Now although I love to make knitted dishcloths I don’t like to use them.  Nope that is not exactly correct I like to use knitted dishcloths – just not the ones I make – I can’t bring myself  to use them they seem too special.    I know I know I’m a weirdo.   My husband thought that we should replace our faded ones ( my mom made these) with some of my new ones. I set him straight fast – but it left him shaking his head – he really didn’t get it. I’m not totally selfish though – I do give some  away as gifts.  Of course now that we make our own my mom won’t pass any on – so I guess I may have to resort to using mine – unless of course that is the secret knitting Kim has been doing – a big bunch of dishcloths for your sister – huh Kim is that it?

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  1. I love knitting dishcloths – thanks for sharing the patterns.

    Comment by Nicole | April 11, 2007

  2. LOL – I do the same thing. Dishcloths are my mindless knitting, and I give them as gifts – but have them stacked neatly on my shelf, much too nice to use. But if you have the Mason Dixon book, you know that “You must use the handknits!” I have a new mindless knitting – the Mason Dixon bibs – which are basically dishcloths with straps on them – great baby gifts! Thanks for the new patterns.
    Jane (who really wants that Yarn Harlot book LOL)

    Comment by Jane | April 11, 2007

  3. I must confess dear Pal, that I do not really get the dishcloth thing, lol. Mass manufactured dish cloths aren’t really a thing here so maybe that’s it? i have no reference point for the dishcloth as useful item. But as mindless, stress-relief knitting? that i can understand (I just call that ‘socks’, lol). Hope your parcel arrives soon – it sounds like you are in need of treats!
    Your SP10 xx

    Comment by SP10 | April 11, 2007

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