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Parcels and Petunia

After I went to the post office yesterday morning to mail my two parcels – one for my Sp10 Pal and one for the Spring Cotton Swap I joined thru Swap Bot – I was talking to Karen and she said “did you take a picture of the parcels for the blog?” Ahhhh….no. Because mornings at our house are hectic to start with – the kids think that school starts whatever time THEY get there – the trip to the post office was really just the icing on the cake for a couple of reasons.

1. I was second in line at the post office. There was a nice couple ahead of me and I was not quite sure what their business was but it sure did take the post office lady some time to count the $600 in 5s and 10s that they gave her. Being nosy I wanted to stick around to find out but my little guy had other plans for me. He was trying to climb out of the cart so I took him in search of the only thing that will make him sit in a store – Smarties.

2. When the lady at the post office gave me the forms to fill out – one package was for the US and one went international – she said “don’t mess these up” Ahh ok, wrong thing to say to this over obsessive, anxiety ridden person. I now have this huge fear that the parcels are going to the wrong place.

3. The post office lady was very nice and I would have loved to have a long conversation with her about the recyclable grocery bag that I used to bring the parcels in but with a 2 year old throwing smarties and then screaming at the top of his lungs when I wouldn’t let him eat them of the floor there was only one thing I wanted…..the exit.

Ok now, where was I. Oh yeah, taking a picture of the parcels. No I forgot to take a picture so this will have to do I guess.


Hey, it’s all I got!!!! lol

I have been making a lot of progress on my Petunia Tote. I really want to get one project done before I start something new. My Mom was over on Saturday and I was showing her some of the things I was doing and she looked at me and said “How many things do you have started” lol! “Not as many as Karen” was my answer. Sorry Kare……..I was working on my Debbie Bliss Baby Blanket. Easy knitting, but I think it may have been too easy because I found myself drifting off to sleep while knitting. I think that must be a sign to work on something else. The blanket is coming along pretty good though. I have 30 out of 56 squares done. The only thing is, I definitely am going to need more yarn. The pattern calls for 5 balls of yarn but I am coming up short. Oh well, Kim and I are planning a little yarn store with a stop at an Italian restaurant for lunch trip next week. (Note to Karen: Take the day off, you deserve it. You know how good Koolini’s is….yummy!!) I am going to try and get as many of the other 26 squares done so that I can pick up the rest of my yarn that day. I am just so excited to get to the sewing of those 56 squares that I can hardly wait. NOT!! I am anxious to see the blanket done though. I am hoping that the colours I picked jive and don’t look too awful.


Here are three of the five colours I have picked. I also have a light grey and a cream colour. Not the traditional baby colours but I think they should look alright.

I have to take Ryan back to the doctor tomorrow. He was been feeling good but is still so congested. The doctor had said that he may need a second round of antibiotics so we shall see.

Hope everyone has a nice Thursday. Let’s keep praying for some NICE weather. Where is spring for pete’s sake?

Kris 🙂


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  1. Don’t ya just love 2 year olds in public? I got me one of those too. Usually he’s pretty cool but boy can they have their moments, lol. i think your baby blanket is going to look lovely. And if it helps, i think Karen should take the day off too and go to the yarn store and Koolini’s (I have no idea what this is but if it’s yummy it’s gotta be good right?) with you both – she is working way too hard!
    Karen’s SP10

    Comment by SP10/Karen | April 12, 2007

  2. Where is spring for pete’s sake indeed! We are expecting another storm tonight and into tomorrow in Maine – in April, I really do not hope for ‘snow days’ off from school because that just means one more day added to the school calendar in June!

    Comment by Jane | April 12, 2007

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