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reading this blog entry could cause serious yarn envy!!!….lol…don’t say I didn’t warn you!

I got my package from my SP10 Pal…and what a Pal she is…I can’t believe what a fantastic package I got…I had to go to work right after I got it, and I was floating!!..in fact my co-workers were all wondering why I was in such a good mood at WORK!! lol…

okay let’s get to it….

first off…I got a Chocolate “Bilby” – my pal says in her letter that it is an Easter Classic…it’s a cute little bugger!! lol…

now, she sent me a pattern book for knitted animals – this is book is WAY too cute!!…What awesome gifts they would make!…and yes there is a BILBY in there!! lol..

okay, next up….she sent me Debbie Bliss’ JUNIOR KNITS – this book is the GREATEST!! My mind has been swirling all day thinking of all the things I’m going to be making that grandbaby of mine..!! I brought it to work with me as one of my co-workers loves to knit as well and she just had her first granddaughter – we POURED over it at lunch and at our breaks…!!

and now…drum roll please……the YARN….I was stunned to say the least…here’s the pic first…

four skeins of awesome colours…so I take a skein out of the box and I’m thinking this is sooooo soft….and i’m thinking…hmm some sort of wool…awesome!!…But I was WRONG – it’s NOT wool… are you ready for this….it’s…

YES!!! it’s 100% PURE YAK DOWN!!!….. this stuff has the feel of the most luxurious cashmere!!…I’m still stunned…lol….I don’t want to use it…I just want to take it out of the box and squeeze it and squish it and put it securely back in the box…lol….

so now onto the wonderful Sp10 Pal that I have – I got the package this morning then later on my regular mail came and with that came this postcard from her.

she’s from Australia!!….right now she’s in the States on vacation….THANK YOU SECRET PAL FOR THIS WONDERFUL PACKAGE!!!….I LOVE it ALL…..you got me dead-on with the children patterns etc….knitting for my granddaughter is my favourite thing!! lol…and the Yak Yarn is honestly a treasure to have…!…..everything you sent is very much appreciated….!!…I hope you’re having a wonderful time on your vacation!….Thank you so much again…!!…

okay, i’m outta here, I have TWO new knitting books to read…do I knit Havana one of those cute animals or something from the Debblie Bliss book first….decisions … decisions …



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  1. Wow! Someone made out like a bandit!! What a wonderful bunch of gifts and so perfect for you! Enjoy!

    (Sorry you’re last Karen! I swear it’s on its way!!)

    Comment by SP10/Karen | April 14, 2007

  2. You are right – I am totally GREEN with envy! That knitted animals book is just the most adorable thing! And Love the Debbie Bliss book too. And YAK yarn!!!! Lucky, lucky you!

    Comment by Jane | April 15, 2007

  3. What a lovely parcel you received the wool looks divine. But, then Kim you are a special person too – as I just recevied the most wonderful parcel from you in the swapbot – cootn swap. Good things come to good people.
    Thank you so much.

    Comment by Janice | April 16, 2007

  4. Hooray, you got it! I’m so glad you liked it. I actually work in a knitting shop, and the yak yarn was something we’re considering carrying. It’s sooo soft and nice, isn’t it? You said you liked earth tones, so I figured it was a good match. And I’m thrilled you liked the Debbie Bliss book. I tried to pick one out that had a good range of stuff for your granddaughter.

    Well, I’ve got one more week of vacation left… and I’ve already gone from snow to eighty-degree heat and back again! I’m looking forward to getting back to Australia. 🙂

    Comment by Your Secret Pal | April 16, 2007

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