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Good Weather and Some Knitting

We have been getting some mild temperatures for a change around here. It is nice to be able to get outside with the kids and let them burn of a little of their energy. It is also a lot easier to get them in to bed at night…….lol. But for one certain two year old having to come in when you have been playing outside seems like the end of the world.


I know I promised myself that I would not start anymore projects until I had something finished but I have decided to try my luck at the Forest Canopy Shawl. Karen made one for her friend and it was beautiful. So, during our trip to the yarn store last Friday I picked up some yarn so I could cast on and on and on and on. That’s right four cast ons later I think I might now actually be on my way. I have learned though, that lace is not really something you can do when the children are still awake. dsc02404.jpg

Here is my progress so far. I should be good to go now since I followed the pattern’s advice and am using a lifeline or as I like to now call it………a sanity saver!!! I don’t know why no one (no one as in Karen or Kim) ever told me about these lifelines before now. Maybe they liked to see me knit, rip out, knit, rip out until the only thing left to rip out was my hair. But anyways, the cable from my options set is great as a lifeline. And I can proudly say I have one repeat of the shawl now done…yahoo!!!!

The sisters are coming on over tomorrow night for a little knitting and probably a lot of teasing and laughing. It has been a while and I am looking forward to it.

Have a good weekend everyone!!

Kris šŸ™‚


April 28, 2007 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. lol, I know that face, we’ve seen i around here a few times too! Fab job on the lace – I have yet to tackle a lace project. Would love to be joining you guys for a kni night – have a blast!

    Comment by SP10/Karen | April 28, 2007

  2. Lace is definitely a challenge – especially with young children around! Still waiting for Karen’s milestone announcement!

    Comment by Jane | April 28, 2007

  3. I love the lace you’ve cast on for – this sounds like a great pattern!

    Comment by SP10/Kris | April 28, 2007

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