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New Books and I Have a Question

My birthday and Mother’s day are usually very close together and some years are on the exact same day. For my birthday I received an Indigo Book Store gift card from my wonderful sisters. Then, surprise, surprise I received another one from my hubby and kids for Mother’s day – ok I picked it out but I acted REALLY surprised. There were two knitting books that I wanted so I headed out to the Indigo not far from my house but they didn’t have them in stock. I checked out the store online and sure enough there they were.


I ordered one on a Friday and the other on a Sunday and I received both of them on Tuesday. Very quick and boy, I just love these books. There are some really nice projects. I can’t wait to cast on for one but I am trying to contain myself. I have way too many projects on the go so I will have to be content with just looking for now.

I also received this book recently.

I was in a goodie bag swap thru Swapbot and my partner, Livia, included this in with the bag. She really went out of her way and I am so thankful to her. The book is full of wonderful advice and tips for a beginner and there are also some cool patterns. These three and the great book that I received from my Secret Pal have doubled my knitting book library.

I can’t believe it but I have actually knitted all 56 garter squares that I need for my Debbie Bliss Baby Blanket. Now for the sewing………..ahhhhhh! Try as I might I could not convince Karen to sew them for me. Begging, pleading, crying……that girl must be made of stone…….lol. I have sewn three together so far and since this is my first project that requires sewing I have a question. I find that the outside edge of the squares are not lining up even. When it is all sewed and then blocked will this edge all line up or is this the way it is supposed to be?? I really want to know before I go any further so that if I am doing something wrong I can correct it before I get to far.

Have a wonderful Thursday and maybe Kim and Karen will come out and blog a little in the somewhat near future.

Kris :>)


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My Apologies………….

to my SP10 Secret Pal. It has almost been a week since I got my SP10’s May package and I am just now posting it. I am so sorry!!!

My Secret Pal had emailed me earlier last week and said my package was on it’s way. On Friday it arrived and it just made my whole long weekend!


Boy, did she spoil me!! I received some beautiful floating candles, a bath ball that smells divine, some needles for sewing in the ends on completed projects and a beautiful birthday card. Now for yarn, she sent me three balls of Bernat Handicrafter – my stash was on the low side – and three balls of Mission Falls Cotton – and I already have a project in mind for it. Then to top it all off she sent me a wonderful book called Mindful Knitting by Tara Jon Manning. I have just started reading it but I am just loving it. Thank you so much Secret Pal. I just love everything you sent!!

As far as knitting goes I have once more frogged my Forest Canopy Shawl and I am not going to start again with the original yarn I bought to do it in. I really love the yarn and the colours but I am not crazy about the way it looks once it is knitted. I do not like the way the yarn overs are coming out. So I think a trip to Karen’s friend’s yarn store is in the near future for me. Karen says she has the perfect yarn for this project. So now I am back to my Debbie Bliss Baby Blanket and I will not stop until I am done. I have maybe only 10 or so squares left to do and then the sewing. But then again Karen has done some sewing for Kim so if fair is fair Karen should sew all 56 of those squares together for me. Right?

As Kim mentioned we took a trip to the zoo on Monday. We really had a blast. The weather was awesome, the kids were really well behaved (that’s a shocker!!!) and there were not a lot of people. I won’t bore you with a lot of pictures but here are my two favorites.


These guys were indoors – I don’t know why for sure but it may still be too chilly for them outside.

And here is another picture of Kim’s friend from her post. This dude was hilarious. He was most difinitely posing for us. Everyone was laughing at him. We really had a great time. I hope to go back next year since my husband had to work. My littlest guy was still a little too young. We got the same reaction to a seagull that we got to the giraffes. No big difference to Mr. Ryan. lol……Havana who is one year older than Ryan was really in to it so hopefully we can take another trip next year.

Hope everyone has an awesome Thursday!

Kris (-:

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Argosy and a Zoo Trip!

I know it’s been awhile since i’ve been heard of….but blame it on my camera…serious battery problems…(I didn’t have any! lol)…

I’ve been up to quite a bit actually knitwise – I’ve been working hard on a Wrap Style Cardigan from the Debbie Bliss book my SP10 pal sent me. I will post some pics in a couple of days. There is a yarn and bead store here in Windsor that is getting rid of their yarn, as they are going to be concentrating fully on beads – so they are selling all yarn, needles etc. for 40% off!! All three of us been and gotten some great stuff! ……

Onto a FO…..May I introduce ARGOSY!!….

I love this scarf! I was in a swap earlier in the year – Winter Scarf Kit Swap – and this is the kit I received – Becca over at Nutmeg Knitter had my name and boy did she put together a great kit for me – the yarn she chose for the Argosy was a silk/cotton/wool blend from Farmhouse Yarns ….she sent me two skeins – one skein was plenty enough for the scarf and now I have enough to make a hat! The pattern tested my beginner skills but it was great fun to do and I learned a lot in doing this project! I would definitely make this scarf again!

Right now on the needles, as I earlier said, I’m making the Debbie Bliss sweater for the grandbaby and I’m almost done the mate to my FIRST EVER SOCK lol. I have a couple of things in mind for a friend’s baby that is due in the Fall and of course I have several more things from the Debbie Bliss book that I plan on making for Havana.

Now in other news….Kris and I packed up our kids and grandkid and headed to the Detroit Zoo today! We had a great time – perfect weather – the kids were on their best behaviour and the animals didn’t disappoint! Here are some pics!

Kaity and Havana in front of the Llamas

Ryan enjoying the seals!

This guy was the hit of the zoo! lol…

Max (my boy), Brendan and Kaity

Havana and a monkey friend!

I was in the “Outback” exhibit and I seen this sign and I thought of my SP10 pal who lives in Australia – so that’s the story behind the sign!

Won’t bore you with more pics – lol….

Have a Great Day!


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Camping and Monkey Fever

This will be a quick post – unfortunately no pictures – as I am posting at work.

I am off camping this weekend for the long weekend.  I am leaving right after work – right now hubby is home packing up the trailer.  I did let the kid’s have the day off school to “help” Dad load the trailer.  I can’t understand why but he didn’t look very happy about this.  I was only thinking of him.

I’m not overly excited about going.  Of course I never am – but once I get there I am happy to be there.  Just cross your fingers that the weather holds out.  Last year we were in mud and cold.  No wonder I have such mixed feelings about camping.

I will be bringing along some spinning to do.  I absolutely love spinning at camp – not sure why though.  I’m not sure what knitting I will bring – I have a large selection of projects to choose from.

I have a bad feeling I will not be bringing one of my many projects – I have Monkey Fever.  After seeing the beautiful Monkey socks on this blog  I’ve decided that I just have to knit these.  They seem to be on everyone’s blog these days.  I think my SP10 mentioned she is working on a pair?

Well I’ll report back after the weekend whether I was able to fight the fever – and finish up one of my UFO’s instead of casting on for these.  Any bets on which it will be?

Last weekend I went to shearing day on a sheep farm – and I have some pictures to post about that – which will have to wait until I get back from camp.

Have a lovely weekend all.  Ciao to my Sis’ – I’m sure they’ll be missing me.  Kim you be sure to have a great time at the zoo – let me know if you want to bring Danielle – I’ll drop her off at your house.


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SP10 – Fabulous Package #2

My daughter calls me at work everyday when she gets home from school. The calls go much the same everyday – she reports everything that went good that day, she reports everything and everyone who wronged her that day, asks what is for supper – informs me that is not what she wants – and then hangs up to go watch TV. But yesterday went a little different – after going through the routine – just before hanging up – she says to me “oh yeah mom there’s a box here for you from your secret pal – bye” click.

Needless to say I was so excited I could hardly work for the rest of the afternoon. I was already having problems in this department – since it was a beautiful day and I could hardly wait to get home and sit on my swing and comb the fleece I had bought on the weekend. Really they just should have let me go because nothing productive happen from that point on.

Anyways on to the package! I truly have the best SP10 pal ever. I can’t believe someone knows me so well but hasn’t even met me. Here is a picture of the package still wrapped. It was just lovely – wrapped in lovely green tissue paper with the most beautiful ribbons and yarns (sorry for the poor quality of the picture – in my excitement I forgot to turn the flash on)


Now at this point I had my daughter standing with me pointing out packages – asking if she could open it – could she have the ribbon etc. I politely sent her on her way. Just look at all these lovely giftscnv0278.jpg

There was beautiful fleece artist sock yarn, super soft merino roving, mint goodies, a drawer sachet, bath potpourri, an adorable tape measure, a sheep keychain, a lovely pattern book full of baby outfits – and an absolutely beautiful pair of earrings and bracelet. Here is a couple of pictures to show off this lovely jewelery – unfortunately my picture taking doesn’t it do them justice – they are beautiful


Here is a slightly better picture of the bracelet – for some reason I just couldn’t get a good focused picture of them.


Thank you so much Pal – I am truly spoiled!


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Cold Feet

While I am thrilled with my big sis’s milestone, I am a little jealous cause I am now out of the loop. I do not know how to knit socks (or a lot of other things for that matter, lol) I am really happy for her though because I know how long she has been trying. Way to go Kim! Put me down for the next pair.

I will give equal billing to my sister Karen. That scarf she made is really gorgeous. As me and my lace project (Forest Canopy Shawl) are right now on a “break” from each other, I know how much work she put into it. Way to go Karen! Danielle looks so pretty modelling it.

Please note: None of the above praise has anything to do with not getting my birthday present from you guys yet. It is all genuine and from the heart. I really mean it!!!

My knitting has been a little on the simple side lately. I have been working on a couple of the sachets from the Debbie Bliss book that I have. I picked up some Debbie Bliss Cotton DK to make them out of. I am done the one.

This is my favorite shade of green. I am also working on a turquoise one. Easy knitting! I am having a hard time with knitting for some reason. I have ripped back my shawl so many times I have lost count. It is really getting frustrating. But I never give up and once the second sachet is done I will get back at it. I can conquer that shawl. I hate to give up.

Have a good Thursday everyone!

Kris 🙂

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Better Late Than Never!…

well here is my knitting milestone FINALLY!!!….I’m a bit delayed in the big announcement! But with work, then our mom getting sick etc…there is not ever enough days in the year to do everything you want to do – is there?

Now onto the milestone….bit of a background first – I’m not a newbie knitter but i’m not an intermediate knitter either, i’m somewhere in between. I have definitely gotten better since the summer I’m proud to say! But ever since I started knitting there was always something that I wanted to knit but I never could figure it out, for some reason the whole thing eluded me…now Karen can attest to this, as she gave me many and I mean MANY tutorials on it…but no luck….what am I talking about? Well i’m talking about SOCKS!!!…Yeppers..plain ole socks…I had NO CLUE on how to make them!! For years it drove me CRAZY!!!…All I wanted to do was to knit socks…!!! This past Xmas, Kristeen gave Cat Bordhi’s book on how to knit them on two circular needles…HAHA!! I said, I’m going to be a sock knitter!!…So I sat down and pored over the book – no luck! I packed up my attempts and went to Karen’s for one last ditch tutorial – no luck! So, I boxed up all my sock stuff and forgot about it. Then two months ago Kris and I bought some DPN’s for sock knitting….So a couple of weeks ago, I sat down and decided to try my hand again…and guess what??? NOPE NO SOCK!!! Could not do it…it didn’t help either when I lost one of my DPN’s (which I later found tucked inside of my sock yarn ball!!) So, I was giving up – one more time on the circulars I promised myself….so I knit up the cuff (by now I’m a cuff EXPERT!)…and I read the directions on turning the heel over and over again…and started to knit….and by the time the heel instructions were finished – I HAD DONE IT!!!….I HAD ACTUALLY DONE IT!!! The thrill of it all stills lingers with me!!!…Here’s a picture of the very first sock I have ever done!!..

here’s another view..lol…

isn’t it gorgeous??? lol…I’m working on the second one right now….the yarn is STEP by Austermann with Aloe Vera…it feels so nice!!…I LOVE THIS SOCK!!

Okay, okay, enough about the socks!!…I also finished this for my grandbaby..

The pattern is Monica and the yarn is Sonata by Elann – it was a great, easy knit and I loved how it turned out!

Right now i’m knitting a project out of the book Junior Knits by Debbie Bliss, that my SP10 pal sent to me – once I get a bit more done I will post my progress on it…

Have a great night everyone!


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Hello all:

We are still here. Sorry for the length between posts. The week started with my mom being sent to the hospital – after several days of tests she was released. The tests did not reveal anything wrong – but she had been having chest pains – and according to my father, she is still having them. She insists she is fine – so we all just have to keep an eye on her.

And as I ‘m sure you can tell from the title of my post – my new FO is lace. This is my second lace project (although my first was done out of a heavy fingering weight) and this one was done out of lace weight doubled. This project is the Branching Out scarf from Knitty. I used Misti Laceweight Alpaca doubled for this project. Here is the project being blocked – as you can see I am very lucky that our new kitten is very fiber oriented! He is a great help.


I was lucky enough to get my daughter to model the scarf for me (she thought it was hers – I had to break it to her that it was a gift for a friend) – but she did still model for me.


That’s all for tonight – my son is waiting for the computer – as always. I will leave you with a sneak peak of my new lace project (yep Kim that is the beautiful new knitting bag – sorry for that personal message but Kim is a little jealous of my new knitting bag).


Goodnight all.


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