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Camping and Monkey Fever

This will be a quick post – unfortunately no pictures – as I am posting at work.

I am off camping this weekend for the long weekend.  I am leaving right after work – right now hubby is home packing up the trailer.  I did let the kid’s have the day off school to “help” Dad load the trailer.  I can’t understand why but he didn’t look very happy about this.  I was only thinking of him.

I’m not overly excited about going.  Of course I never am – but once I get there I am happy to be there.  Just cross your fingers that the weather holds out.  Last year we were in mud and cold.  No wonder I have such mixed feelings about camping.

I will be bringing along some spinning to do.  I absolutely love spinning at camp – not sure why though.  I’m not sure what knitting I will bring – I have a large selection of projects to choose from.

I have a bad feeling I will not be bringing one of my many projects – I have Monkey Fever.  After seeing the beautiful Monkey socks on this blog  I’ve decided that I just have to knit these.  They seem to be on everyone’s blog these days.  I think my SP10 mentioned she is working on a pair?

Well I’ll report back after the weekend whether I was able to fight the fever – and finish up one of my UFO’s instead of casting on for these.  Any bets on which it will be?

Last weekend I went to shearing day on a sheep farm – and I have some pictures to post about that – which will have to wait until I get back from camp.

Have a lovely weekend all.  Ciao to my Sis’ – I’m sure they’ll be missing me.  Kim you be sure to have a great time at the zoo – let me know if you want to bring Danielle – I’ll drop her off at your house.



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  1. Have a wonderful time camping and spinning!

    Comment by Jane | May 18, 2007

  2. I have finished one pair and am just about done on sock one of the second pair (and there will be more – I love the pattern and the fit of Monkey). Have a fab time camping – looking forward to seeing what you spin up!

    Comment by SP10/Karen | May 18, 2007

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