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My Secret Pal

I received my third and final SP10 parcel yesterday. Inside there was a beautiful bag to put all my knitting accessories in, a beautiful stitch marker, a knitting mystery novel and a skein of Malabrigo in a gorgeous reddish burgandy colour. This yarn is so soft. I am now on the look out for the perfect project for it. Any ideas?


(This was the only size I could post the picture. Any bigger and it was too big.)        Since this was the final parcel my secret pal also revealed her identity. Charity has been my spoiler. Charity has sent me some awesome things over the last three months. Sock yarn, cotton, books, needles. I just want her to know how much I have appreciated all the wonderful things she has sent. I was extremely lucky to get her for my Secret Pal. I have been checking out her blog and boy can that girl knit.

Vivien is my Secret Pal spoilee. She lives in Australia. I just found out that she received her 2nd and 3rd parcel today. It took the first one 73 days to get to her via regular mail but only 7 days for the second one via air mail. Gotta love the Postal service. Vivien is also a wonderful knitter. She is a kind person and I have really enjoyed being her pal. I hope to keep in touch with her in the future. I am kind of sad that it is all over.

I enjoyed being part of SP10 but I really don’t know if I will join any of the future SPs. With my first parcel taking so long to get to Australia, the stress that I felt took some of the joy out of it. So I might just stick with swaps on a smaller scale but…….never say never I guess.

Next post there will actually be some knitting pictures, I promise. I am almost done the back of my little guy’s sweater. The colours are actually growing on me. I am worried that it might be somewhat big but oh well, the kid is bound to grow….right? lol

Have a great day!!

Kris 🙂


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Miscellaneous Stuff

I know…….it’s been quite a while. You would think with three of us our blog would be updated almost daily. Doesn’t sound too hard but actually it is sometimes. I think once the kids are done school – three more days!!! – it will be easier. June is a hectic month, field trips, soccer, work, birthdays. Bring on July!!!

I have finally convinced Karen to sew all my squares together for my Debbie Bliss baby blanket. I think once she saw what an awful job I was doing she thought it would be for the best. I really can’t thank her enough. I have moved on to a new project. I don’t have a picture yet but it is a sweater for my youngest boy. It is made out of Cotton Ease. Boy, am I loving knitting with the Cotton Ease. It’s fantastic. I will post a picture next time. I am not sure of the colours I have chosen as I thought one was a blue but was a charcoal when I got home but the sisters tell me they look good so I will have to trust them on it I guess.

I cannot believe it but I actually won a prize on a blog contest recently. Kim has been the big winner out of the three of us but this time it was me. The Blue Blog was having a contest for quite a few prizes and I was lucky enough to win a 10 pack of Wool Ease. Very exciting.!!!!! I cannot wait to receive it. Thank you so much Alison!

My first parcel that I mailed out to my SP10 Pal has finally been received. Not a big deal some would say…..but I mailed it on April 10!!!! My pal, Vivien, lives in Australia and being clueless when it comes to mailing stuff down there I sent it by ground postage. But thankfully 73 days later it arrived to her. It had been opened by Customs but everything was still inside. Since SP10 is drawing to a close soon I put parcel 2 and 3 together but mailed it by Air Mail. She should have it by the end of the month I hope. My spoiler, whose identity is still a mystery, is a wonderful and generous woman. I have really enjoyed SP10 because of her. She emails me regularly and has sent me some nice e-cards too. The parcels I have received have been super!!! I have definitely nominiated her for the best pal contest. Thank you so much Secret Pal for making this a wonderful experience!!!

I think Karen mentioned that Kim’s youngest son, Max, had his birthday last week. Well, tonight it was Karen’s son, Nick’s, turn. Karen had my family along with our parents over for dinner and cake. What a great dinner Karen, thank you!! Kim came after just for cake because Max had baseball. Her hubby, well he had to stay home with the puppies! They are getting so big and are really sweet. Maybe someday if Kim ever blogs again she will post a recent picture of them. Wouldn’t that be nice??

Kris 🙂

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This is where the origami story starts – with this baby pink sock yarn.  As soon as I saw Nona’s Sidewinder Socks I knew I had to make them.  Around this time the Yarn Harlot was blogging about this cute, adorable, colourful baby sweater.  I knew I had to make this also.  So after ordering the pattern, some “bare” yarn (I decided for $$$ reasons that I would dye the yarn myself) I decided to start my Sidewinder sock.  It was a short journey to decide to do a practice dye on my sock yarn to get ready for dyeing the yarn for the sweater.  The yarn for the sweater had been “veil dyed”.  I wasn’t sure what this meant so I surveyed some of my spin friends and we decided that the skeins should be wrapped in a lace scarf and then dyed.  So that is what I did with the soft pink yarn pictured above.  I did like the result of this but I’m not convinced I couldn’t get the same results just putting the yarn in the dye without the lace wrapping. 

So I started knitting on this sock with my dyed yarn – and I ended up with this


Pretty – uh huh – I think so.  But a sock – I don’t think so.  This is where the Origami comes in – after some folding and grafting I was left with this


I love it.  I love it so much I have already cast on for the second one – those who know me will realize what a wonder this is.  I love the colour and I especially love the fit of this sock.  And I loved working the pattern – a little more challenging than a plain knit – but not too much thinking involved – just the way I like it.

Next post perhaps I can report on how my Tulip Sweater is proceeding.

Tonight I go to my sister Kim ‘s for her son Max’s 15th birthday.  I will find out what has happened to her – those puppies were born and she all but disappeared.  If the puppies were a little older I would worry that they had ate her – but they don’t even have teeth yet.  Do not fear I will find her.

I leave you with a picture of Kim’s dog Dory with some of her puppies.  Enjoy



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A Trip to the Dark Side


Yes I am still here.  Super busy lately – and no computer at home.  But thanks to my wonderful, fantastic, generous sister Kim (who loaned me her extra tower) we now have a temporary computer until ours is fixed – and therefore she has restored peace in my home.  It’s been ugly – my 13 year old son – apparently cannot survive without a computer – I know this because he told me this every hour on the hour since the computer went down.  This in addition to the blame (yes he is certain that somehow I am to blame for the computer troubles – you know during my 1/2 hour a week on the computer – I somehow downloaded some terrible virus from one of the knitting blogs I read) has made our home slightly miserable.  But hopefully all is better now – until we find out how much it will be to repair/replace our computer and how much we are able to save from the hard drive.

The other thing that has kept me busy is a little trip I have taken to the Dark Side.  Yes folks it is true – I have been crocheting – Tapestry Crocheting to be exact.    I learned to crochet before I ever learned to knit – but there was something I found unappealing about it.  But I recently have been checking out some of the patterns out there and Crochet seems all new to me.  Here is what I have been working on.  I am making it out of some of the yarn that my sisters and I have recycled from thrift store sweaters.  I am really enjoying it – but it sure is slow going – I’m still not happy with how I hold my yarn – I seem to be putting in an extra step or something – but I really love the look of it.  I already have another idea for another bag for my girl when this one is done.

Knitting is still my #1 – I am working on some beaded cuffs, a Monkey sock, and a shrug for my daughter – but I am enjoying my brief visit to the Dark Side.

I am not seeing much of either of my sisters right now – Kim is busy in Puppyland – and of course I have to avoid Kris in case she whips out all of those little squares she thinks I should sew for her!

My apologies for the lack of pictures – all of mine are trapped in my dead computer – and I haven’t set Kim’s tower up to process my pictures yet.  Hopefully I can show a picture of my bag in process (or dare I hope finished) next post.

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Totally non-knitting Post!!

Hi everyone…well I have been knitting but I think i’ll be a bit busy for a bit…as these little ones have arrived!!

My English Bulldog Dory has given birth! The puppies arrived June 1st!  There was eight but the runt died – so we have 7 beautiful puppies – 6 females and 1 male!…


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