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A Trip to the Dark Side


Yes I am still here.  Super busy lately – and no computer at home.  But thanks to my wonderful, fantastic, generous sister Kim (who loaned me her extra tower) we now have a temporary computer until ours is fixed – and therefore she has restored peace in my home.  It’s been ugly – my 13 year old son – apparently cannot survive without a computer – I know this because he told me this every hour on the hour since the computer went down.  This in addition to the blame (yes he is certain that somehow I am to blame for the computer troubles – you know during my 1/2 hour a week on the computer – I somehow downloaded some terrible virus from one of the knitting blogs I read) has made our home slightly miserable.  But hopefully all is better now – until we find out how much it will be to repair/replace our computer and how much we are able to save from the hard drive.

The other thing that has kept me busy is a little trip I have taken to the Dark Side.  Yes folks it is true – I have been crocheting – Tapestry Crocheting to be exact.    I learned to crochet before I ever learned to knit – but there was something I found unappealing about it.  But I recently have been checking out some of the patterns out there and Crochet seems all new to me.  Here is what I have been working on.  I am making it out of some of the yarn that my sisters and I have recycled from thrift store sweaters.  I am really enjoying it – but it sure is slow going – I’m still not happy with how I hold my yarn – I seem to be putting in an extra step or something – but I really love the look of it.  I already have another idea for another bag for my girl when this one is done.

Knitting is still my #1 – I am working on some beaded cuffs, a Monkey sock, and a shrug for my daughter – but I am enjoying my brief visit to the Dark Side.

I am not seeing much of either of my sisters right now – Kim is busy in Puppyland – and of course I have to avoid Kris in case she whips out all of those little squares she thinks I should sew for her!

My apologies for the lack of pictures – all of mine are trapped in my dead computer – and I haven’t set Kim’s tower up to process my pictures yet.  Hopefully I can show a picture of my bag in process (or dare I hope finished) next post.


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