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This is where the origami story starts – with this baby pink sock yarn.  As soon as I saw Nona’s Sidewinder Socks I knew I had to make them.  Around this time the Yarn Harlot was blogging about this cute, adorable, colourful baby sweater.  I knew I had to make this also.  So after ordering the pattern, some “bare” yarn (I decided for $$$ reasons that I would dye the yarn myself) I decided to start my Sidewinder sock.  It was a short journey to decide to do a practice dye on my sock yarn to get ready for dyeing the yarn for the sweater.  The yarn for the sweater had been “veil dyed”.  I wasn’t sure what this meant so I surveyed some of my spin friends and we decided that the skeins should be wrapped in a lace scarf and then dyed.  So that is what I did with the soft pink yarn pictured above.  I did like the result of this but I’m not convinced I couldn’t get the same results just putting the yarn in the dye without the lace wrapping. 

So I started knitting on this sock with my dyed yarn – and I ended up with this


Pretty – uh huh – I think so.  But a sock – I don’t think so.  This is where the Origami comes in – after some folding and grafting I was left with this


I love it.  I love it so much I have already cast on for the second one – those who know me will realize what a wonder this is.  I love the colour and I especially love the fit of this sock.  And I loved working the pattern – a little more challenging than a plain knit – but not too much thinking involved – just the way I like it.

Next post perhaps I can report on how my Tulip Sweater is proceeding.

Tonight I go to my sister Kim ‘s for her son Max’s 15th birthday.  I will find out what has happened to her – those puppies were born and she all but disappeared.  If the puppies were a little older I would worry that they had ate her – but they don’t even have teeth yet.  Do not fear I will find her.

I leave you with a picture of Kim’s dog Dory with some of her puppies.  Enjoy




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  1. just perusing and found your blog from Jac’s World.

    What kind of dog is this and what type do you breed??


    Comment by Kathryn | August 3, 2007

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