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SP 10 Arrival – Late Entry

I’m the world’s worse blogger, i’m sure my sister’s would be more than happy to attest to that!!…

I don’t know where it all went wrong…puppies, work????? I’m sure it’s the puppies…I ‘work in the puppies’ all day and all night…but there is light at the end of the tunnel…four of them are leaving on Sunday and 1 leaves on Monday which leave me only 2 for a couple of days – then it’s the empty nest syndrome for me again!!…I’m going to miss them though…

Okay now onto my SINCERE APOLOGIES to my SP10 pal – she sent me a package which I received on Monday and I have just gotten around to mentioning…

Well she played right into my sock obsession!!..lol…ever since I made my first pair of socks that’s pretty much all i’m making right now…I haven’t knitted much since the puppies came but the little i’ve done is in fact socks!…Karen and I thought it would be awesome if we could have 5 pairs of knitted socks for the Winter…well I have 1 pair (my first ever hand knitted socks!) and now I’ve got 2 pair, because my pal knitted me a pair of socks!!….what an awesome surprise – honestly there is something special in someone making you something….here’s my socks…

this pal o’ mine knows how to knit!!…they are so nice…!!…

next up…she sent me the nicest handmade soap in a really nice lemon scent..

see the picture of the kangaroo in the soap???

next…she got me some buttons – I collect them – she got me a koala bear and a kangaroo and they are made out of wood, i’m keeping them in the package til I find ‘the’ project to put them on…

next up…sock yarn!!..i’m well on my way to perhaps making that 5 pairs of socks…this yarn is “Hot Socks’ in greens and blues..perfect colours!..

I’m knitting a pair of socks right now, but will be using this yarn next!…

next up…my pal sent me a package of chocolate tim tams…

oops no picture…we ate them all!!..lol…they were GOOD!….

now for my pal’s big reveal….she is…drumroll please….Kris Howard over at Web-Goddess – THANKS SO MUCH KRIS!!…and notice how she has the same name AND the same spelling as my sister!!..lol….You have been a great pal…and I love your blog…!!…will be stopping by there regularly now!!….

okay, off to work…lol…



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I’m here Kris

Yeah yeah I’m still here.  What my smartypants sister Kris failed to mention is that her incredibly generous husband, Mark,  has given my oldest child (son Nicholas age 14) a wonderful summer job.  The only problem with that is that he was my summer babysitter – so now all my free time is, and will be spent driving my son, and begging people to look after my daughter!  Of course thanks to Mark, Kris is my number one pick for babysitter.  All kidding aside I am very grateful to them for this wonderful opportunity for Nick.

Now on to knitting.  Well not much going on – I start lots of projects but can’t seem to find my knitting mojo.  But all of that might change.  Check out this cuteness.  I love these – I have bought the pattern and will probably cast on tonight (sorry Kris I know you wanted to wait and each do one when we are at the cottage – but I’ll be ready for a different one by then).  I think these will make wonderful gifts – for instance I am knitting for a friend’s new baby – how wonderful would one of these bags be for the baby’s big sister?  Anyways can you see how jazzed I am for these. 

I will try to post more often – part of the problem is I feel I should have a picture in every post and I have to get over this and just post whatever I have.  I will try Kris I promise.

Now as for Kim……..?


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Where are my sisters??

I can assure everyone that my sisters, Kim and Karen, are both alive and kicking. Why they have disappeared from what was suppose to be “our” blog, I really couldn’t tell ya. I am sure that they will soon join us again and you won’t have to just read about what is going on in my dull, boring life!

Last week the mom of one of my daughter’s friends called me to see if Kaity and I wanted to go and see a production of High School Musical, which was playing at the Fisher Theatre in Detroit, Michigan. The show was awesome!!!! I really didn’t know what to expect, as I had never seen the movie but I was really impressed. We had a lot of fun. Plus the icing on the cake was that the Fisher Theatre just happens to be in the same building as a wonderful yarn store called City Knits. The yarn they have in there would make your mouth water and the staff is so friendly. Since I went in with three girls, I really didn’t have the time to look around much but I hope to make a trip back there with the sisters. I did buy one thing though for use as a future project.

I have seen these hedgehogs on so many blogs and in so many magazines. The store had one made up in pinks and it was so adorable. So I purchased the pattern – my souvenir from the show!!!

I am making my way on Ryan’s sweater. In addition to the back I now have one sleeve done. Yahhooo! I really haven’t been knitting all that much. I am trying to get the house de-cluttered and cleaned – not easy as I think everyone knows. Plus with the kids home it is twice as hard. But I am doing it slowly. There is something else I was doing last week that is taking up my knitting time.

That’s right…..our little hiatus is over and we are back to frogging sweaters to list on ebay. I really think what is getting us moving again is the fact that the three of us could use a Moms only weekend!!! So to do that we must start ripping sweaters. This one in the picture is just gorgeous yarn. Karen and I decided on calling the colour raspberries and creme. It is a multi ply 100% cotton and was originally a sweater by L.L Bean. Karen has her fingers crossed that we won’t sell it because she wants it for her own use. That happens quite often with her!!!

The weather here has been quite nice this past weekend. Quite the difference from the extreme heat we were having at the beginning of last week. I will leave you with a picture of my baby – he’s two but still my baby. Here he is enjoying the one thing he would take to sit still for a minute so his mother could rest her weary bones….lol


Have a good week!!



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ACTUAL Knitting and another Swap

I started a sweater for my youngest boy, Ryan, last weekend. The sisters and I had been at Michael’s and it was one of those free patterns that they have hanging up. Kim and I both thought it was cute and we decided it was something we wanted to make for the babies in our lives – Ryan and Havana. And the best part of it is it’s name – EASY Striped Cardigan!! I love anything that is easy.


This is my progress so far. I am almost done one sleeve also. I was a little iffy on the colours but they are starting to grow on me. The sweater is knitted out of Cotton Ease – which I am loving – and I am using Charcoal, Grey and Taupe. With what I have finished so far I know it is going to be too big for Ryan right now but maybe good for spring or fall next year when he starts JK.

Last month I joined a swap thru Swapbot called the Small Project Knit Kit Swap. Sharon was my partner and what a super person she is.


For the project she sent me some beautiful yarn to make Monkey Socks. She made me a beautiful bag and knitting needle holder. She sent me 3 sets of 5 DPNs in various sizes along with some other knitting accessories. Then if that wasn’t enough she also ordered me this great book from Amazon. It is full of wonderful patterns and I have my eye on quite a few of them. Thank you so much Sharon.

School is out and I am near crazy already. I am trying to decide if I need to go on a vacation or if I need to send the kids on vacation. Not sure. We have Kim’s son’s wedding next month and then we leave for 5 days to Sauble Beach along with Karen and her family. I am looking forward to it. ALOT!!! We usually go camping at least once a summer but I really think we will skip it this year. Ryan is a ball of energy and since my hubby can’t get time off work, it is really too much for me. So maybe next year!!!

Hopefully we will soon be hearing from Kim. It has been a month since she blogged but I can assure everyone that she is fine. Those seven pups are really working her. They are 4 weeks and really adorable. But boy, when you talk to Kim on the phone you really hope they are sleeping, cause man are they loud. lol

That’s all for now. Hope everyone is having a great 4th of July!!! Or just a great Wednesday!!!!
Kris 🙂

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