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SP 10 Arrival – Late Entry

I’m the world’s worse blogger, i’m sure my sister’s would be more than happy to attest to that!!…

I don’t know where it all went wrong…puppies, work????? I’m sure it’s the puppies…I ‘work in the puppies’ all day and all night…but there is light at the end of the tunnel…four of them are leaving on Sunday and 1 leaves on Monday which leave me only 2 for a couple of days – then it’s the empty nest syndrome for me again!!…I’m going to miss them though…

Okay now onto my SINCERE APOLOGIES to my SP10 pal – she sent me a package which I received on Monday and I have just gotten around to mentioning…

Well she played right into my sock obsession!!..lol…ever since I made my first pair of socks that’s pretty much all i’m making right now…I haven’t knitted much since the puppies came but the little i’ve done is in fact socks!…Karen and I thought it would be awesome if we could have 5 pairs of knitted socks for the Winter…well I have 1 pair (my first ever hand knitted socks!) and now I’ve got 2 pair, because my pal knitted me a pair of socks!!….what an awesome surprise – honestly there is something special in someone making you something….here’s my socks…

this pal o’ mine knows how to knit!!…they are so nice…!!…

next up…she sent me the nicest handmade soap in a really nice lemon scent..

see the picture of the kangaroo in the soap???

next…she got me some buttons – I collect them – she got me a koala bear and a kangaroo and they are made out of wood, i’m keeping them in the package til I find ‘the’ project to put them on…

next up…sock yarn!!..i’m well on my way to perhaps making that 5 pairs of socks…this yarn is “Hot Socks’ in greens and blues..perfect colours!..

I’m knitting a pair of socks right now, but will be using this yarn next!…

next up…my pal sent me a package of chocolate tim tams…

oops no picture…we ate them all!!..lol…they were GOOD!….

now for my pal’s big reveal….she is…drumroll please….Kris Howard over at Web-Goddess – THANKS SO MUCH KRIS!!…and notice how she has the same name AND the same spelling as my sister!!..lol….You have been a great pal…and I love your blog…!!…will be stopping by there regularly now!!….

okay, off to work…lol…



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  1. Hey Kim,
    I’m your upstream swap partner from the I love Sock yarns swap and am wondering if you received the package that I sent on 7/16/07. Please let me know if you didn’t so I can send a replacement and start tracking it.

    Comment by knittercritter (karen) | August 8, 2007

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