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Some Actual FOs and Another WIP

During the time that I have not been blogging, I have done some knitting. I decided that Christmas was not really that far away so when I saw that Walmart had some Christmas yarn I snatched it up and made a few dishcloths for my older son’s teacher. I plan on making at least one more and doing up a little basket for her.

The one on the right is a simple stockingette. It is made out of Bernat’s Handicrafter Holiday Twists. I think I will also make a tribble out of this yarn to go in the basket. There was quite a lot of yarn in the balls – quite larger than the regular Handicrafter – so I might make a few. Now, I really love the pattern for the cloth on the left. I am not really sure how I came across it but I just love the way it looks. It is called the Double Woven or the DW dishcloth. For those of you who do not follow Nascar, DW is actually Darrell Waltrip, a former driver. The pattern was written by Rhonda White – who I guess is a DW fan…lol – and if you are interested it can be found here. The yarn for this one is also Handicrafter. Wow, not only did I do some Christmas knitting – for the first time – I actually have a Christmas present already. This is definitely a record for me!!

I guess I should mention that Kim celebrated her big 4-0 birthday on the 20th. In case anyone forgets who she is, she is the middle sister who has seemed to forget she shares a blog with her sisters. Hint, Hint. But anyway, Kim was away for her birthday doing some health and safety training but when she came back she actually brought Karen and I a present. She is the best! Here is what she brought back for me:

It is so beautiful and really soft. Kim has a super pattern for a sweater for my youngest that uses this yarn. So once I hopefully clear up some old projects I will be casting on for it.

Now for my new WIP. I had been a huge admirer of the Lizard Ridge Afghan but once I saw Renee’s I just knew I had to make one. Hers is fabulous! This is actually my second square but is my favorite so far. It is done in Noro Kureyon’s Number 154.

This was my introduction to short rows and they were not as difficult as I thought. It was actually fun waiting to see which colour would come out next…lol.

Last but not least, I finally received my Ravelry invite last week. Karen and Kim have already been in for a while. I have started to set up my profile a little, which has been kinda fun. If anyone is interested I am listed under the Newknitter!!!!

Hope everyone is having an awesome weekend!!

Kris 🙂


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It’s been a long time…..

but the three of us are committed to blogging on a regular basis. I mean, three women – one blog, shouldn’t be too hard for us to update it regularly. Right?

I will say that we have had a extremely busy summer. Kids, vacation, weddings and for Kim, puppies. I can’t remember when we had so much going on. I am sure in the posts to come we will talk about the vacation – we found a few knitting stores….yahooooo! and Kim will be blogging about her son’s wedding….which was absolutely beautiful!

I have been knitting though. I am still working on my Cotton Ease Sweater for my little boy. I am just finishing up on the last piece and then I will try sewing it all together. This is my first sweater so I am a little nervous but I have read thru the instructions and I think I can handle it.

I started a new project while we were on vacation in Sauble Beach. It was the Buddy Bag from Anny Purl. My daughter, Kaity, chose these colours from Bernat Satin. I have finished the bag but am now debating whether to leave it like this or to put on one of the cute little pockets with the puppets. Kaity is 10 but I am not really sure if she will use it with the puppet or not. I do hope to make a few more of these though for Christmas presents for my little niece, Jasmine, and also for my friend’s two grandkids.


So as Karen mentioned, she headed out to Kitchener on Saturday, with Kim to the Knitters’ Fair. I could not go because it was my little guy’s 3rd birthday. I was a little disappointed to be left behind but I would not miss one of the kids birthdays for anything.

I just can’t believe he has gone from this:

Newly hatched –

to this –


in 3 years!!!!! (please excuse the potty……he likes to sit on it while he watches T.V….with his diaper on of course!!!)
So that is all that is happening in my knitting world right now….lol. Now that fall is here, I hope to get back in the swing of our knitting nights with the sisters. Also we are starting to rip sweaters again for ebay. After the long, long summer I could really use a weekend away!! With just the girls that is!!!

Kris 😉

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We’re back – I think

Well we’re still here.  We’ve survived the summer and things are slowing down.  We are going to put in an effort to be better bloggers – right sisters?

Kim and I went here on Saturday.  Kris couldn’t go ( it was her youngest son’s birthday) – I think she is a little bitter but we got her some gifts.  It was really unbelievable.  This is our first year and I don’t think either of us were expecting so much or so many people.  We both got some Noro Kureyon (we’re all making Lizard Ridges ).  I got a copy of Lucy Neatby’s sock book Cool Socks for Warm Toes.  I love this book – especially the garter stitch short-row heel and toe.  As soon as I got home I cast on for a pair of baby socks using a couple of tips from the book.  We purchased a few other things but I’ll let it go for now so as not to make Kris sad.

We are recycling yarn from thrift store sweaters again – we actually have a couple on Ebay right now so it looks like we are back in the swing – I hope. 

Let’s hear from Kim and Kris now.

Bye for now


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