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Getting Ahead of Myself

A couple of weeks ago I had my sister Kim over for dinner.  After dinner we were knitting, or should I say trying to knit.  Kim had brought her bulldog, Dory – who thought that she needed to sit on the loveseat between us as we knit.  Well there was just enough room there for me and Kim, and Dory certainly made things tight.  And then Kim kept complaining that it was too hot to knit (did it occur to her that maybe it was the chunky bulldog wedged between us that was making her hot).  Anyways,the point of all this is that right about the time that Kim was doing the most whining about the heat, her granddaughter came downstairs dressed in my daughter’s boots and coat.  It couldn’t have been that hot could it  if Havana was dressed like an Eskimo?


I have been very busy knitting.  The only problem is I am not knitting on one thing, getting it finished and loving it.  Instead I am starting multiple things, and working a little bit here and there.  And I do mean multiple things – I think I started about 6 things in the last week alone.  At least none of these are Christmas gifts.  No holiday knitting for me – I know better – I would only end up Xmas Eve trying to buy something because my knitting wasn’t finished.

 I’m not sure what the cure for this would be.  My daughter (who is patiently waiting for a second mitten to her set) suggested that I stop looking at the internet.  I have to agree with her – that would certainly help – that is one of my main downfalls (eg. Ravelry).  The other thing I think that would help is if I stop buying knitting magazines.  Will I do either of these things?  Nope, I will continue on starting many things and hopefully finishing at least a few.

Here’s my most recent started project.  It is a little sweater for my friend’s granddaughter.  At first I didn’t like the colours (especially the green)  but the further I got the more they grew on me.  I am doing my own thing here and not following a pattern (something I never do), but hopefully I will finish it before something else catches my eye.


And I will you leave with an FO.  I made my husband a pair of clogs for our anniversary.  I had made him another pair 2 years ago and he loved them.  He has been wearing them with the heels worn out and it was time for another pair.  I have made many pairs of these clogs.  The pattern is fairly fast and easy (it does involve a lot of pattern reading, for me at least).  For some reason though I hate making clogs.  I’m not sure why, could be because every pair I have made I have made a stupid mistake and extended the time and effort to make them considerably.  I want a pair of these and hopefully in the near future will get the gumption to make myself a pair.


Bye for now.


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  1. it seems that with ripples, unprepared colour combinations are the way to go.

    Comment by persephonesawakening | December 1, 2007

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