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Last Saturday was the day Karen, Kim and I were waiting for. The yarn store was finally open after three weeks. We all received gift certificates for Christmas and the waiting was dang near killing us….lol.

But wouldn’t you know it. Karen and I ( Kim couldn’t make it because she was getting ready for her open house on Sunday) get in the store and we just end up walking around. Neither one of us could really find anything “worthy” of spending our gift certificates on. It was really kind of pathetic. Don’t get me wrong, there was a ton of beautiful stuff. But, for me anyway, I didn’t really have a project in mind and that was pretty silly of me because I had been waiting for this day for weeks…lol. So, since I couldn’t leave the store with nothing I ended up getting something I was sure to use……..COTTON!

In knitting news, I am done the body of my bag. I have to try and bind off with an I cord or something like that. Definitely something I need to do while my older two are at school and my little guy is napping. Even then I probably will have to wait for Karen to come by or go out to her place. Cause truthfully, I have no clue what the pattern is talking about…lol !

We are still in the beginning stages of potty training. Yesterday after about ten minutes of sitting and reading books we had some pee!!! As it was coming out (too much info?) Ryan looked down and in this unbelieving voice said “I did it.” Too cute. Of course we had to call Dad and Aunt Karen to share in the excitement.

Take care,


PS. I didn’t waste my whole gift certificate on cotton. But I will be thinking long and hard before I head to the store again. I am thinking either some sock yarn or some Noro for my Lizard Ridge…..decisions, decisions. 🙂


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Every night when I help my daughter with homework we end up arguing about how easily distracted she is. The cat walks by – she has to pick him up and hug him and tell him how cute he is – which he already knows because she tells him 10 times a day. Two rooms away from where she is working her father makes a remark to her brother and she is down there with her opinion on the subject. Homework is not fun at our house.

Finally though I think I know where she gets it from. It might even be the reason for all my UFO’s and WIP’s. I am currently working on a project that I need to have finished by the end of January. I am enjoying working on it and can’t wait to see the finished garment, but I have been working on it for a while now, progress seems slow and I find myself looking at other projects. It is times like this (when I should be working on something else) that I find myself looking at dishcloths – I knit them one after another while hiding from my current project. My most recent obsession was with this Mason Dixon “lobby” dishcloth. I went a little nuts and made several of them.


I’ve also been ripping sweaters and even got the lovely white cashmere all ripped. Now to skein it and dye it.


Okay back to my knitting – my knitting of the project I have been hiding from – no more distractions – but then I did see this great hat on a blog today. Perhaps one of these for my daughter.


P.S – anyone wondering where Kim is? Well she has new friends now and a new interest – I think she is addicted to this game. Of course she helped her daughter-in-law learn to knit and maybe she dumped me and Kris to knit with her. Hmmm – Kim are you still out there?

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WIP Wednesday

Karen has been seeing a few knitting blogs lately doing WIP Wednesdays so we decided to also give it a try.

I have been working on the My Little Companion bag since Saturday. The pattern and the yarn was a Christmas gift from Karen last year. I am using the Lion Brand Wool in Ocean Blues. The colours are just awesome. This is my second try at a felting project. Last fall I made a Booga Bag. While I was happy with the outcome of my Booga, I kinda wish I would have not felted it quite as much as I did. It was smaller then I had wanted but live and learn. I really don’t have too much left to knit and I am hoping to do the felting this weekend when Karen comes over to knit.


I have really been into dishcloths lately. These are two I have done since New Year’s. The one on the left is Sugar n Cream in the Buttercream colourway and the one on the right is the Sugar n Cream Striping yarn in Tie Dye Stripes. The pattern is just the one found on the ball band but this is the first time I have tried it.

I  also knitted a pair of the Pocket Book Slippers for my daughter, Kaity. These are done in Mission Falls, 100% Superwash Merino. I absolutely love this yarn!! The slippers feel fantastic on your cold feet!!!

For some non knitting news….I am trying to potty train my younger son, Ryan. So far, NO good!!! lol….He has a little game where he takes off his Pull Up, sits a good 5 seconds on the potty and then wants the Pull Up back on. Then he continues the same thing over and over like hmmmmmmmmmm…….500 times!!!! Oh, good times, good times!!!

Anyways, enjoy the rest of the week everyone!!

Kris 😉

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Bad Bloggers, Bad Froggers

Not only have we been bad bloggers we have also been bad froggers. Bad sweater recyclers that is. For the last couple of years we have ripped/frogged sweaters and sold the yarn on Ebay. The money from these sales we use for girls knitting weekends away. But the frogging has been as sadly neglected as the blogging. And there is a weekend we were hoping to go oncoming up soon. We had better start frogging or else start saving if we are going to be able to go away.

Before Christmas we picked up 3 sweaters to recycle the yarn from. Here they are prior to washing.


Of the 3 my favorite was the top one – it had a fabulous feel, and looked like it would rip well. The white one also showed promise, but the beige one I’m not so sure about. It is has a large halo and I am worried it will not rip well, but if it doesn’t I will felt it and use it for something else. Well, I have washed them and started on the ripping. One of the most important things we look at when we look for sweaters is the label. We are looking for 100% natural fibers – preferably luxury fibers such as cashmere, silk, blends of the same. (All three of the above sweaters are 100% cashmere) .


After looking at the labels a little more carefully I noticed that the white sweater had a designer label (DKNY), so I decided to start with that sweater. The reason for this is that I thought that it being a designer sweater the cashmere may be of a slightly higher quality then the others. The yarn certainly has a nice feel, and is slightly thicker then what we would normally find. Right now I am in the ripping/frogging stage but I will show you some progress pictures as I continue. I’m not certain what I will do with the yarn – sell it or use it. I have wanted to make “My So Called Scarf” – perhaps it would be nice out of this yarn. Shh! don’t tell Kim and Kris – they’ll vote for selling it.


I don’t feel confident enough to provide a tutorial on frogging/ripping, and besidesthere are already several great tutorials out there., so try here (this is the site we used to learn). If you have any questions though please feel free to ask and I’m sure one of us can help you.

Okay I guess that is a little long winded – I will let it go for now – but I’ll keep you informed on the future of this yarn.


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Test Knitting

Hello I’m still here but I have been very busy knitting. I survived the holidays and did do a bit of Xmas gift knitting. A scarf and 3 pairs of mittens. Not a lot, but for me to finish 4 things, that really is something.

And now onto more exciting news. I have been test knitting. I was lucky enough to be able to test knit for Anny Purls . She has designed a beautiful little sweater call “Hickory Dickory Dot”. She will have this pattern for sale on her design blog sometime in the future. Keep an eye out for it here.

Anny gave me permission to post a picture of the finished sweater here on the blog so here it is.


This was actually my first test knitting and I enjoyed it very much. The sweater is very adorable. The pattern was very well detailed and easy to knit. I love it. I can see myself knitting more of these in the future.

Anyways just wanted to post a little update and I hopefully will be able to post a little bit more now that my life has quieted down a little bit.

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Birthday Greetings!!!

Happy Birthday Karen!!!!

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It’s all Over!!!

I always find it a little depressing when the holidays are over – all the anticipation and planning. But a little part of me is always anxious for life to get back to normal too!! Bring on School!!!

It has been a least two months since I posted. Awful, I know. But, now life should be getting back to the routine so I am dedicated to blogging more!

My last post was way back in October. Not long after that my youngest son tripped over one of his toys and broke his little foot. Poor little guy. He crawled around for about a week and then there was no stopping him with his cast. It had to stay on for about four weeks but now he is a good as new. Here he is following doctors orders – staying off it and keeping it elevated!!


During the past two months or so I have also been knitting of course.


I made these slippers that both my son and daughter love.They are called Pocketbook Slippers and you can find the pattern here. These are made out of Patons Decor. Kim made some out of Mission Falls and they turned out beautiful. I actually loved them alot more out of that yarn so I went to our LYS, that is clearing out all there yarn, and got myself some Mission Falls. I got some in a gorgeous coral that my daughter wants her slippers knit from.

My biggest project of the holiday season had to be these!!!

dsc02894.jpg dsc02895.jpg

They are the Buddy Bag by Anny Purls but I did not include the little pocket like she did. I knitted these two for a friend’s grandchildren. They are made out of Bernat Satin. Karen was wonderful and did all the seaming and lining of the bags for me. Thanks Kek!!!! I put a little holiday book and some goodies in each and am really happy at how they turned out.


I have now actually FOUR of these – with one more to be lined. I think they are so cute and there is nothing more adorable than a little one walking around with one of these on their backs.

I have also made a bunch of Christmas dishclothes for my son’s teachers but forgot to take a picture before I sent them off to school. Story of my life!!!

Right now I am currently in a dishcloth mood and I have made quite a few in the past week or so. I am also working on a square for my Lizard Ridge. Pictures to follow.

My sisters and I are counting down the days until the yarn store in Windsor opens up again. The owner of the store is off to a trade show until Jan. 16 and the three of us have each received a couple of gift certificates to her store. Picture three adult women with their noses pressed up against her window…..lol!!! OPEN OPEN OPEN!!!

Well, that is all for now. I really hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!!!!!! We sure did!

Oh yeah, and…….

Happy New Year to you all!!!!! May 2008 bring wonderful things to us all!!!

Kris :-))

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