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Bad Bloggers, Bad Froggers

Not only have we been bad bloggers we have also been bad froggers. Bad sweater recyclers that is. For the last couple of years we have ripped/frogged sweaters and sold the yarn on Ebay. The money from these sales we use for girls knitting weekends away. But the frogging has been as sadly neglected as the blogging. And there is a weekend we were hoping to go oncoming up soon. We had better start frogging or else start saving if we are going to be able to go away.

Before Christmas we picked up 3 sweaters to recycle the yarn from. Here they are prior to washing.


Of the 3 my favorite was the top one – it had a fabulous feel, and looked like it would rip well. The white one also showed promise, but the beige one I’m not so sure about. It is has a large halo and I am worried it will not rip well, but if it doesn’t I will felt it and use it for something else. Well, I have washed them and started on the ripping. One of the most important things we look at when we look for sweaters is the label. We are looking for 100% natural fibers – preferably luxury fibers such as cashmere, silk, blends of the same. (All three of the above sweaters are 100% cashmere) .


After looking at the labels a little more carefully I noticed that the white sweater had a designer label (DKNY), so I decided to start with that sweater. The reason for this is that I thought that it being a designer sweater the cashmere may be of a slightly higher quality then the others. The yarn certainly has a nice feel, and is slightly thicker then what we would normally find. Right now I am in the ripping/frogging stage but I will show you some progress pictures as I continue. I’m not certain what I will do with the yarn – sell it or use it. I have wanted to make “My So Called Scarf” – perhaps it would be nice out of this yarn. Shh! don’t tell Kim and Kris – they’ll vote for selling it.


I don’t feel confident enough to provide a tutorial on frogging/ripping, and besidesthere are already several great tutorials out there., so try here (this is the site we used to learn). If you have any questions though please feel free to ask and I’m sure one of us can help you.

Okay I guess that is a little long winded – I will let it go for now – but I’ll keep you informed on the future of this yarn.



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  1. I can’t wait to see how this turns out!

    Comment by Renee | January 15, 2008

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