Sisters, Knitters, Sweater Recyclers


Every night when I help my daughter with homework we end up arguing about how easily distracted she is. The cat walks by – she has to pick him up and hug him and tell him how cute he is – which he already knows because she tells him 10 times a day. Two rooms away from where she is working her father makes a remark to her brother and she is down there with her opinion on the subject. Homework is not fun at our house.

Finally though I think I know where she gets it from. It might even be the reason for all my UFO’s and WIP’s. I am currently working on a project that I need to have finished by the end of January. I am enjoying working on it and can’t wait to see the finished garment, but I have been working on it for a while now, progress seems slow and I find myself looking at other projects. It is times like this (when I should be working on something else) that I find myself looking at dishcloths – I knit them one after another while hiding from my current project. My most recent obsession was with this Mason Dixon “lobby” dishcloth. I went a little nuts and made several of them.


I’ve also been ripping sweaters and even got the lovely white cashmere all ripped. Now to skein it and dye it.


Okay back to my knitting – my knitting of the project I have been hiding from – no more distractions – but then I did see this great hat on a blog today. Perhaps one of these for my daughter.


P.S – anyone wondering where Kim is? Well she has new friends now and a new interest – I think she is addicted to this game. Of course she helped her daughter-in-law learn to knit and maybe she dumped me and Kris to knit with her. Hmmm – Kim are you still out there?


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