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Freaky Elmo and That Bad Cat

Okay I have to confess that Elmo drives me crazy.  The sound of his voice has always just set me right on edge.  I know, I know cute little Elmo.  I do think he is cute but the minute he starts talking I forget all about that cuteness.  Now although I am not a big fan of his he never freaked me out until this


I don’t know what it is but something about this Tie/Dyed Elmo shirt freaks me out.  As a matter of fact after I took this picture I had put this shirt in my closet – in the morning when I opened the closet door it scared the bajeebies out of me.  Now some might be thinking this is because I have the problem with Elmo – but that’s not it.  My daughter – who has no issues with Elmo (I mean she can play Kris’ little guys Elmo over and over and over) – was freaked out too.  She told me to put it in a drawer so she didn’t have to look at it. 

How is this related to knitting you might be thinking.  I bought this TShirt at a local thrift store because I am cutting TShirts to make a rug.  See this tutorial for cutting the shirt in a continuous strip if you are interested.  So anyways I went to the thrift store and bought some shirts, including this Elmo one for my rug.  It was perfect for the colour scheme I had in mind – but now I can’t do it.  As freaky as I find it – I just can’t cut Elmo.  So for now I have put the tshirt away – perhaps an Elmo fan will come along someday.

And now onto that bad cat.  “Bubbles” has been a part of our family for almost a year now.  For the most part he is not a yarn cat – he will occasionally bat a ball of wool off of a table – just to piss me off I think – but for the most part he leaves it alone.  I am thankful for this because I had a “yarn cat”.  She would eat any yarn she could find – therefore I learned to keep all projects, yarn, etc. in plastic bags.  What Bubbles just do is chew needles – bamboo, wood, aluminum, and plastic – he’s not fussy.  Now this should not be so bad – as I have said I keep all my projects in plastic baggies.  Well now by sweet little Bubbles has decided he likes to eat plastic bags – not just chew on them a bit – nope he actually eats them, sometimes the zip and all.  And then he chews on the needles.  We have now baggie proofed the house, but every time I have to dig in my cloth bag of needles I can’t help but give That Bad Cat a dirty look.  All in all though – this doesn’t tick me off as much as his new “trick”.  You see I have a spot where I knit.  I always sit in this same spot – and I have all my stuff around me.  I am very happy in this spot.  Turns out that Bubbles digs this spot too – I don’t mean this is where he lays during the day when I am not in the spot – no he wants the spot when I want the spot.  If I am there knitting he sits on the arm of the couch and waits.  The minute I get up he makes his move – when I come back with whatever I left to get this is what I find


Yep every single time.  And then every single time I have to explain that this is where I sit – and then I remove him.  Fifteen minuted later we do the whole thing again.  Despite it all I do love that bad little cat.\

Okay I’ll sign off for now as that was a little long-winded.



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  1. wow this is crazy but cool.nice hope avrything gose good

    Comment by kea | March 4, 2009

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