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Dishcloths, Dishcloths and more Dishcloths

Once again I have been missing in action. The weeks have been flying by. Where is the time going? March Break is next week and then it will be the countdown to summer vacation. Geez, it seems like Christmas was just last week. Oh well, there is the warm weather to look forward to and for me that can’t come soon enough.

The only knitting I have been doing it dishcloths. Different styles and different colours.


Our brother is getting married this June. For his intended’s shower in April, her family thought it would be nice to give away dishcloths. No problem we thought, we can make dishcloths. They want to give each guest three dishcloths. Not a problem if you are inviting 20 or so guests right? There are 60 people invited. That is 180 dishcloths PEOPLE! So being the nice sisters in law- to- be that we are,  we kept our mouths closed and quietly picked up our needles. There are about 5 of us knitting so we should be able to do it. I think !!

My little guy is still not potty trained. That child refuses now to even sit on the potty. Most of the books and websites say that maybe he is not ready. But, in my opinion, if a child comes up to you and says “I pooped…get me a diaper” it sounds like they should be ready. I am going to leave it for a few weeks and then try, try again. He is really looking forward to JK in September so I am hoping it will soon click that if he is still wearing diapers, there will be no school.

Anyways, that is all for now.

Have a great week!



March 3, 2008 - Posted by | Uncategorized


  1. The finished cloths are great! I can’t believe you all are willing to turn out so many of them, though, what an awesome gift idea! :0)

    My older son was 3 1/2 before he trained, and at that point he basically did it himself. Up until then it was constantly me trying to make him, and him sneaking off and coming back when it was too late. When he was ready, though, he just did it, so maybe that will happen for you, too! We’re trying to train my 2 year old right now, and she’s not really into it, either. Sigh.

    Comment by Charity | March 3, 2008

  2. Claire used to do that too and it made me crazy. I finally got her naked from the waist down and it freaked her out. She demanded I get her a diaper so she wouldn’t pee on the floor and when I said no…she went on the potty. Within two weeks she was completely trained. I know all kids are different but if you haven’t tried that trick it might be worth a go.

    Comment by Renee | March 5, 2008

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