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Family First


For the past couple of years, the sisters and I have been going away overnight for a little bit of Mommy alone time. I LOVE these times. I NEED these times.

For our next trip we had decided that we would go away for two nights to Toronto, to attend the Knitters Frolic on April 26th and 27th. Two Whole Nights!!!

I could hardly wait!!!

Then, this past January we began hearing talk of our sister-in-law to be’s wedding shower. Okay, no problem…..what could be the odds? There are LOTS of Sundays between January and June.

We were told it would be in April. So again, okay…..what could be the odds? There are FOUR Sundays in April.

why can’t I get these odds when I play the lottery lol

So, come this Sunday we will not be in Toronto……enjoying wasting our time looking at yarn and meeting new people.

Instead, we will be celebrating our new family member. The woman who decided to take our only brother on……God bless her…..lol.

We gladly do it.








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That’s Cool

One day last week, Karen asked if I could stop off at the yarn store to check and see if they had a pattern that she has been wanting.

She did not have to ask twice. : )

Well, turns out it was a no go on the pattern but I did make a exciting find….at least exciting to me cause…. well,  I really do not get out much.


The store had a posting at the front door about a sock of the month club. Now, I am not a sock knitter but a sock knitter wannabe. For some reason I just have not tried it yet. I feel as though I am not worthy to be called a sock knitter.

Anyways, so they had this posting and I was talking to Loretta and asked her about her club. We go back into the store and she shows me a box full of beautiful sock yarn. Just not in your every day, usual balls. To tell you the truth, when I first saw them I thought they were those things that you and your dog play tug o war with because they all were knotted in the middle.

I know, not the sharpest tool in the shed.

So we start looking at all the beautiful colours and I decide that YES, I can be a sock knitter and YES, I am going to buy some of this beautiful yarn.

Ok, ok, I did have a gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket but gosh, I wanna make socks too.

So, for those who have never seen this yarn before it comes from a company called Flat Feet or Conjoined Creations. It is very similar to recycling yarn. You start at one end and unravel as you knit the socks. You can just throw the yarn over your shoulder and unravel as you knit. HOW COOL IS THAT!!!!!  

One side for each sock. Loretta has a sock, with this yarn, on the needles and it was gorgeous.

 I figure if things do not go as planned with my socks, this beautiful yarn will look nice along with the two skeins of Socks that Rock that I have from the last time I thought I would finally be a sock knitter.

Oh well, they are nice to look at.


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Hoping for Spring

Well Easter has come and gone. We had a good one. The kids got Webkinz and lots of chocolate. That made them very happy ; ) We all went out for brunch as a family. The food was delicious and the rest of the day was spent just relaxing. Perfect !

Now can we have Spring ……..please….pretty please……with sugar on top!

I am now on my 26th dishcloth. I am not sure how far we are in regards to getting 180 done by April 27th but we are all chugging along.

One of my favorite knitting magazines is Creative Knitting. The May 2008 issue has quite a few cool things in it.  There are some cute little booties that look like a pair of Mary Janes. Really adorable! There is also a shopping bag made from acrylic and either plastic bags or table covers. There are quite a few things I would like to try in the future. I did actually cast on for one of the projects. It is a cute little baby hoodie made from regular cotton, which I just so happen to have a lot of lately : ). I have not done much so far but I will post a picture next time.

I ran into the yarn store yesterday on my way to a doctor’s appointment. I made an exciting purchase – exciting to me anyways – that I will also post when I get a picture.

Have a great weekend!!!


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