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Family First


For the past couple of years, the sisters and I have been going away overnight for a little bit of Mommy alone time. I LOVE these times. I NEED these times.

For our next trip we had decided that we would go away for two nights to Toronto, to attend the Knitters Frolic on April 26th and 27th. Two Whole Nights!!!

I could hardly wait!!!

Then, this past January we began hearing talk of our sister-in-law to be’s wedding shower. Okay, no problem…..what could be the odds? There are LOTS of Sundays between January and June.

We were told it would be in April. So again, okay…..what could be the odds? There are FOUR Sundays in April.

why can’t I get these odds when I play the lottery lol

So, come this Sunday we will not be in Toronto……enjoying wasting our time looking at yarn and meeting new people.

Instead, we will be celebrating our new family member. The woman who decided to take our only brother on……God bless her…..lol.

We gladly do it.








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